Pics from Sundays at our Southern Baptist Church in Franklin, TN

You Will Discover

  • Meet Pastor Jason Cruise: Our leader, Pastor Jason Cruise, welcomes you personally. Discover his inspiring vision and the guiding principles that shape ClearView’s journey.
  • Explore Our Identity: Delve into the essence of ClearView Church. Learn about our core beliefs, values, and the vibrant spirit that unites us as a community.
  • Understanding Our Organization: Get a behind-the-scenes look at how ClearView operates. Understand our organizational structure and how each element contributes to our shared mission.
  • Meet Our Dedicated Staff: Our passionate staff is the backbone of ClearView. Learn about the faces behind the scenes, their roles, and the dedication they bring to our community.
  • Uncover Our History: ClearView has a rich heritage, and we’re proud of our story. Journey through time and explore the milestones that have shaped us into the church we are today.
  • Facility Tour: Embark on a guided tour of our facilities, including the charming Ellersley, our 1875 farmhouse. Discover the spaces where friendships are forged, faith is nurtured, and our community thrives.

Join us for Starting Point, where the warmth of fellowship meets the richness of knowledge. Your journey into the heart of ClearView Church begins here.



Get To Know ClearView

Are you curious about ClearView and eager to delve into the heart of our community? Starting Point is your ideal introduction, a warm and welcoming environment designed to inform, engage, and connect. Join us for an enriching experience where learning about ClearView is as enjoyable as sipping your favorite coffee.

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