Do you know why God put you on this planet?

Do you know why God put you on this planet?

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Our church believes that God has a specific purpose for everyone on this earth and that you shouldn’t spend any longer figuring out what that purpose is. We do this through what we call The Path to Purpose.

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Path To


Do you know why God put you on this planet?

The Path to Purpose is a roadmap for every follower of Christ to discover why God put them on this planet.

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The Path is built around prayer. Prayer is communication with your creator. To fuel your journey on the Path, you build a relationship with God by talking to Him. Prayer is at the core of everything we do and at the center of every step of our journey.

What is purpose? It is the reason why something is done or created. Purpose is the “why” something exists. You were made with purpose.

Want to learn more? Follow the steps below to engage in your purposeful calling.

Encounter Jesus

Where Your Path Begins

Every journey has a beginning. Purpose begins with knowing the Purpose-giver. The greatest questions in life are all about Jesus. Who is Jesus to you? Have you followed Christ in accepting His grace for salvation? Are you following Jesus, or are you pursuing your self? Have you been baptized after salvation?

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ClearView church is not a building. ClearView is a people committed to following Jesus together. We need each other. Our groups form the epicenter of life at ClearView. Through them, you will find great friendships and be encouraged along your spiritual journey. Starting Point is our class designed to help you learn who we are and what we are all about. It will help you take your first steps to purpose at ClearView. Use the links below to help.