Life Happens in Groups

Groups meet weekly in a smaller setting, with people that are walking through the same stage of life. Explore the current groups listed here to find one that fits you best. 

We are happy to help you connect to one of the groups. To find out more information feel free to email Shane Pass, our Family Pastor.

8:00 a.m.
  • Journey | Adults in their 30s–60s | A105/106
    Led by Tommy Yessick, Jessica Murry, & Jeff Pinson
  • Spritual Explorers | Adults in their 40s–60s | A111
    Led by Charlie and Robin Huff
  • AGAPE | Adults in their 50s–60s | A110
    Led by Dean Waldrop
  • Active Adults 1 | Adults in their 60s–80s | A112
    Led by Joe Denney, Jim Clark, and Linda Still
9:15 a.m.
  • Young Couples | Young couples with and without kids | A109
    Led by Chuck Cline and Lanetta Heyen
  • Cross Life | Married adults in their 40s–50s | A104
    Led by Scott Winter
  • FIT | Adults in their 40s and 50s | A111
    Led by Mitch Crawford and Craig Sanford
  • Bereans | Adults in their 50s-60s | A105/106
    Led by Brian Weldy and Dave Brackins
  • Come As You Are | Adults in their 50s-60s | A103
    Led by Robin Hari and Lynn Ferrell
  • Single Adults | 30s–50s | A112
    Led by Greg Donohoo
  • Starting Point | Starting Point: sign up here | A102
    Led by ClearView Staff
10:45 a.m.
  • Home Builders | Married Couples with preschool/elementary kids | Basement
    Led by Phil Cook
  • Converge | Married in their 30s–40s | A112
    Led by Clayton Williams and Rob Dennis
  • CrossFit | Married in their 40s with MS/HS Kids | A111
    Led by Robert Grimes
  • Life 305 | Married in their 40s–50s | A109
    Led by Robert Bedenbaugh
  • Essentials | Adults in their 40s–50s | A103
    Led by Chuck Sherrill and Ruth Smith
  • Women Growing in Grace | All Ages | A102
    Led by Gail Fowler
  • Cunningham Group | Adults in their 40s–60s | B206
    Led by Lance Cunningham
  • Reflections | Adults 55 and up | A101
    Led by Neil Richardson
  • Just Cruising | 50s and up | A107/108
    Led by Edwin Garner and Tony & Tarenda Vaughn
  • DSL | Adults in their 60s–70s | A104
    Led by Frank Chambers and Dan Phillips
  • Active Adults 2 | Adults 65 and up | A105/106
    Led by Diane Mizell and Peter Meschter
  • Women in Discovery | 60s and up | A110
    Led by Beverly DeLap and Mary Ann Parks

Contact Graham Inman for more information regarding weeknight Groups.