Church Missions

People of all ages helping with church missions

Church Missions


Church Missions Aren’t Just An Event, It’s A Person

Our church missions blueprint was already set for us by Jesus Himself. It starts locally, moves out to the state of Tennessee, broadens to North America, and extends around the world.


Church Missions Partnerships

BCM provides community and fellowship to college students across the entire country. They focus on connecting students to community, helping students pursue an authentic relationship with Jesus, and sharing the gospel through church missions.

Franktown provides Christ-centered mentoring to Franklin’s Inner-city youth through weekly vocational education and church missions that prepare our underserved youth for the future.

  • Ways to Serve: tutoring, mentoring, teaching life skills classes such as cooking, car maintenance, music, etc…

Disaster Relief church missions serves those in times of crisis due to natural disasters such as tornados, floods and hurricanes.

  • Ways to Serve: chainsaw crews, chaplains, food services, mud out and recovery.

GraceWorks Ministries was established 1995 by a group of concerned Williamson County citizens and faith leaders who sought a comprehensive, collaborative solution to the complex issue of poverty. Our founders recognized that local low-income residents had diverse needs – food, clothing, housing support, and financial assistance – yet, most area nonprofits and churches focused on only one or two services.

We are a faith-based safe and confidential place for anyone dealing with life choices regarding past, present, and future pregnancies. We provide medical care, professional counseling, education, mentorship, and practical support regardless of age, race, or religion.

The Nashville Baptist Association exists to cultivate and connect churches throughout the Greater Nashville Area to fulfill the Great Commission.

Our Nursing Home Ministry reaches ClearView members (or non-members) in nursing homes or assisted living centers. We reach out to folks who can’t attend church, telling them of God’s Good News, leading them in worship, singing familiar hymns with them, and praying with them.

  • Ways to Serve: pass out songbooks, lead services, speak with residents

Please contact Ray Quisenberry (615-415-8859 or if you would like to get involved.

Room in the Inn provides church missions that emphasize human development and recovery through education, self-help and work, centered in community and long term support for those who call the streets of Nashville their home.

  • Ways to Serve: volunteers are needed as overnight hosts, drivers, food prep, and sorting clothes for the clothing closet.

Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home (TBCH)  welcomes children in hard places with the Love of ChristTennessee Baptist Children’s Homes provides Christ-centered, nurturing homes for children in hard places across Tennessee through compassionate on-campus homes and foster families.  

  • Ways to Serve: tutoring, meals for cottages and food donations.


Partnerships Church Missions

Graffiti Ministries continues to be “A Church That Serves.” For us, that begins with sharing Christ’s love in tangible ways (i.e. a sandwich, a suit of clothing, a tutoring session), but serving doesn’t stop there. We pray for big changes, not simply big numbers. Changing one block can change a neighborhood, changing a neighborhood can change a city, changing a city can change a country, changing a country can impact the whole world. We now serve in a number of neighborhoods through our church missions, with more in process. As these sites and affiliates grow and coordinate, we hope to see the culture in these areas change.

Our vision is to see God’s work grow from the ground up. Our first goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of people in the Lower East Side. As God’s people serve within our church missions to local community of need, those who are helped are then empowered to also serve and grow closer to God themselves. The “chain reaction” is inevitable!

Graffiti Ministries is located on the lower east of New York City.

Graffiti 2 Community Ministries seeks to Revitalize, Revive, and Revolutionize the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx and beyond with our church missions by enabling individuals to develop physically, mentally (revitalization), emotionally, socially, and spiritually (revival) so that they may become servant-leaders within their families, community, and beyond (revolution).

Keystone Church is one of Clearview’s church missions planting partners.

Led by William and Teresa Johnson, Keystone Church is a growing community for people in the surrounding areas.

Located in Manhattan, MT

The Church is God’s plan—you are God’s plan—to reach North America and the nations with the hope of the gospel, and the North American Mission Board is here to help.

Oneida Baptist is a Christian boarding and day school for students, Christian or non-Christian, in grades 6-12. Our church missions to provide a structured living, learning and working environment in which each student is challenged to grow mentally, physically, socially and spiritually in order to acquire an Education for Time and Eternity. At Oneida Baptist, students will meet people from across the United States and around the world. They will also experience daily chores and responsibilities, interact with Christian adults, attend daily chapel services, receive individual attention in class and have a chance to join sports or other cocurriculars.

The Tennessee Baptist Mission Board is a premier Great Commission organization that:

  • Offers ministry support and minister equipping
  • Develops missions and ministry opportunities
  • Expands the network of cooperating churches
  • Leverages technology
  • Reflects ethnic diversity
  • Cultivates resources
  • Shares organizational knowledge

At Western Heights Baptist Center, it is our mission to meet the needs of all people—physical needs and, most importantly, spiritual needs—by offering free food and clothing, and household items and by teaching God’s Word, and by introducing people to Jesus Christ!

Western Heights Baptist Center is located in Knoxville, TN.


Partnership Church Missions

Together, we seek to take the gospel to every nation, all tribes and peoples and languages. We give ourselves to this mission every day.

Mike and Missy Wilson, Neply, Haiti – Developing a Christ-centered culture one life at a time with the goal of helping children with special needs who were cast out from their families because of the influence of voodoo culture.


The mission is to equip cross-cultural workers to plant churches among unreached language groups.