There’s a reason why seven out of ten Americans identify as Christian. As Christianity continues to grow in this country, many parents are looking for ways to introduce their children to their religion.

However, this can be a tricky line to walk because you want to make sure that your kid discovers their unique relationship with Christ. So, what’s the solution?

One thing you should consider is sending your children to church camp. Some parents are hesitant to send their children away for the first time.

But, in this article, we’ll discuss why church camps can be the perfect setting for strengthening your child’s connection to God and their church community. Read on so you can decide whether or not it’s the right choice for them.

They Can Experience Supervised Independence

Let’s face it; we might all be guilty of panic parenting. Panic parenting is the process of sabotaging parenting success by focusing on fear instead of love. It can manifest itself in a lot of different ways.

But, one common one is helicopter parents that supervise every aspect of their child’s life. This can be sabotaging because kids need to learn a little independence.

Keeping them constantly watched and isolated can have damaging consequences later in life. Luckily, church camps provide the perfect atmosphere for kids to learn a little independence while still under supervision.

At camp, they’ll likely be given free time to choose what types of activities they want. This independence to choose what they want to do and what friends they want to hang out with is vital for social and spiritual development.

They Can Meet Good Role Models

As parents, we all want to be role models in our child’s life. But, it’s important to remember that others will influence our children. There will always be older kids they look up to or celebrity singers they adore.

When you take your child to church camp, you allow them to meet many good role models. Maybe it’s a staff leader that positively reflects Christian values. Or, it could be a worship leader that they enjoy singing along with.

These role models allow your child to model their behavior and values regardless of who it is. In an age where most children are glorifying YouTube influencers, it can be refreshing for them to look up to a simple camp staffer with strong church camp values.

If they’re lucky, these role models might develop into mentors down the line. From there, they can form lifelong relationships with the role models they meet at camp.

They Will Encounter God on Their Own

Often, Christian parents want their child’s spiritual journey to mirror their own. They’ll make their children attend church early and teach them all about the bible.

Typically, this is done with the best intentions. But, it can sometimes backfire. One common scenario is older children attending religious services not because they want to strengthen their relationship with God but because they want to please their parents.

One Pew Research study found that 38% of teens attend church services not because they want to but because their parents want them to. This is a problem because if your child doesn’t make their faith uniquely their own, they’re much more likely to reject it down the line.

Luckily, church camps may be the solution to this. For many children, church camps provide early spiritual development that can only be experienced independently.

They might share a moment of spiritual revelation in small groups or a transcendent moment in worship services. Many children end up accepting Christ in camp settings.

Remember that although you can force your child to have a relationship with the church, you can provide them with opportunities to develop this relationship independently. And church camp is the perfect setting to do this in.

Church Camp Is Fun

When people hear about church camp, they often think it’s all about bible studies and worship sessions. While that certainly is a component, it’s important to remember the camp aspect too!

There’s no shortage of fun at these events, whether it’s the competitive game tournaments, hilarious staff skits, or delicious meals. This can teach your kids a valuable lesson.

The Christian religion isn’t dull. You can find fun and fulfillment if you engage with whatever setting you are in. This lesson can be invaluable as your children grow up down the line.

They Can Make Lifelong Friends

Christian church camp is undeniably intimidating for shy children. Yet, these camps have a way of making even the quietest child come out of their shells a little.

Being around other children their age in the context of games, meals, and worship forces them to interact. This can lead to relationships that continue long after church camp has ended.

There are people that I met at church camp that I’m still in connection with. I consider these people to be some of my closest friends because they’re the first people that made me feel seen as a shy child.

Best of all, they likely come from religious backgrounds, so you know their parents probably share the same values as you. This friend can have a much more positive influence on their social life than the ones they meet in a more secular environment.

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We hope this article helped convince you to send your children to church camp. Church camps can be intimidating for children and parents, especially overnight ones.

But, the more secure you are in your spiritual community, the easier it will be for both of you. If you live in Franklin, Tennessee, we hope you’ll consider joining ClearView Baptist Church.

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