Are you ready to start attending church?

In Hebrews 10:25, God says not to neglect meeting together. He calls for us all to gather and build each other up.

Hence, make it to church. If you did neglect this for quite some time, you may feel a little nervous about attending.

But put your worries away! Read on to learn what to expect at a Baptist church.

What to Bring

You can show up to church empty-handed. But, many people enjoy bringing their own bible to follow along with scriptures.

You may also carry a highlighter to mark lines that stand out for you. Bringing a notebook and pencil allows you to jot down important things your pastor mentions to avoid forgetting them. It also gives you the opportunity to write down pressing questions that you can ask in a one-on-one setting.

The People

Who are these people that God asks you to gather with? At Baptist churches, you tend to find a very warm and welcoming crowd.

The people of this denomination act friendly and loving towards one another. You may encounter individuals from all walks of life.

Some may be devoted lifelong Christians. Others may come humbly from a life of sin that they chose to turn around. You will encounter people of all ages as well.


Baptist churches welcome little ones. They usually set up separate Sunday school classes, divided by age, that you can send your child into.

There they will sing songs, learn Bible verses, and make crafts about the lessons for that week. This helps Children get to know God in a fun and creative way while instilling in them important virtues, like honesty, kindness, and devotion.

Some children want to stay with their parents in a new setting. Your child might enjoy the praise and worship followed by time to sit with you and listen to a lesson.

Church Atmosphere

Because of the people, you will find this environment very warm and open. In a Calvary Baptist church, you can expect to feel invited.

Unlike Catholic churches, these establishments carry a sense of excitement about them. It’s an upbeat atmosphere for sure.

You can expect to walk into a sanctuary and sit in pews that face the front stage. You may see Jesus on the cross, but with simple decor. They keep an area for baptisms, often raised up high.

Baptist Belief

Christianity divides into a number of sectors, and this can get confusing for some people. What makes one a baptist?

This denomination follows the Christian belief that Jesus, the son of God, died on the cross for our sins, and then rose from his grave as proof of God’s greatness.

Baptists place a heavy focus on the congregation and public confession. They also view taking the lord’s supper (communion) as an act of obedience. But, as the name suggests, they believe strongly in baptism by choice as you take God into your heart and accept Jesus as your savior.


Not knowing how to dress for an occasion can feel nerve-wracking. Expect to see people in a mix of outfits.

Some may wear nice jeans with a blouse, polo, or sweater. Others may do a laid-back dress up, with a simple dress or dress pants and a button-up.

Keep in mind that you are not trying to catch anybody’s attention at church. Dress for respect.

Do not wear anything too flashy or revealing. Remember that you will want to feel comfortable sitting during a sermon.


Expect to witness baptisms at your church. When a person decides to take Jesus into their heart, they do so in front of their congregation with the help of the pastor.

They may wear white robes to signify the purity of their rebirth. Expect a prayer, some cheers, and then the water.

Most baptist churches practice full immersion, where the person gets dipped into a pool of water. Others pour water over the person’s forehead

Sunday Sermon

At a Baptist church, you can expect around an hour or so of a sermon by the pastor. You may find this surprisingly exciting.

Baptiste pastors tend to really get into the scripture. They generally stick to a theme and make it into something extremely relatable.

You can expect to hear related Bible verses and biblical stories that speak to this theme. They may tie it to current events and offer solutions to real-life problems.


Communion typically follows a sermon. Though viewed as an act of obedience, not everybody should partake in this taking communion.

If you visit a Baptiste church but have not been baptized or taken Jesus into your heart, then you should simply remain in your seat and observe for now. Born-again Christians may participate.

Some churches call a line while others assign ushers to pass out the body and blood of Christ. You can expect a small wafer and a sip of grape juice.

Visit a Local Baptist Church

Don’t let nerves hold you back from a wonderful experience. Visit a local Baptist church to strengthen your relationship with God and invite amazing Christians into your life.

When you feel comfortable with your church community, branch out! Get involved in important and exciting ways.