Around 81% of Americans state that they believe in God, yet many don’t attend church or read the Bible. 

Maybe that’s where you are in your life. You believe in God but don’t involve God in your daily life. If you feel the need for God in your life and want to get closer to Him, you might want to start attending church.

You can find churches in most cities and towns, and most hold services every Sunday morning. Additionally, most churches offer welcoming atmospheres, and love seeing new faces.

As you consider going to church, you might want to learn about the benefits this offers. Keep reading to learn the top benefits of attending church regularly.

Learn About God

While most people believe in God, only 38% of Americans attend church regularly. But attending church services regularly offers many benefits. 

One of the primary benefits is learning about God. Of course, you can learn about God by reading the Bible and attending Bible studies, but attending church is another way.

Each Sunday, the minister offers a sermon on a particular passage or subject, teaching you something new. As a result, you can leave the service with new knowledge about God, His Word, and His character.

You’ll learn how to live a Christian life and what that involves. You’ll discover new stories about people in the Bible that you’ve never heard. Additionally, you might even walk away with a sense of joy, conviction, or hope. 

You can use the things you learn to deepen your relationship with God and share it with others you come across. Learning these things might help you create a stronger marriage and deeper friendships.

Fellowship With Believers

You can choose from numerous denominations, including a Baptist church. One vital thing to look for in a church is its beliefs. If you’re a Christian, you need a church that teaches and believes in the Bible.

You can determine this by reading their website. You can also tell by visiting the church for a service. 

When visiting a church, you can listen closely to what they teach. In addition, you can judge a church by its people. For example, did you feel welcome when you walked into the building? 

A church is full of believers, so they’re people who believe in the same things as you. The benefit of this is the fellowship you receive from being around people with similar beliefs. 

You’ll meet people, develop relationships, and build a support system around you. The fellowship of believers is a crucial part of the Christian walk. After all, you need people, and they need people.

Encouragement and Prayer

Therefore, one of the perks of attending a Christian church is meeting like-minded people. The result of this is that you’ll find deep friendships with genuine people who love God and people.

These friendships are crucial for life, as life gets hard at times. For example, you might experience a tragedy or problem in life and need encouragement and prayer.

Fortunately, you’ll have people to walk with you during these times in life. They’ll be there to encourage and pray for you and with you.

While this might not take away all the pain of your situation, it can give you the support you need to get through the situation. Likewise, you can be there for other people when they need encouragement and prayer.

One of the greatest commandments in the Bible is to love God and others, and you can show your love by being there for people, just as they’re there for you. 

Discover Your Purpose

Additionally, visiting a Southern Baptist church regularly is a great way to discover your purpose in life. Life without a purpose is dull, stagnant, and meaningless. 

However, God has a purpose for every person. But you’ll need to seek God to discover yours. When you discover it, you’ll find that life has a new sense of meaning.

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in life? Most people wonder about this, but many never find out. The good news is that God will reveal your purpose to you if you seek the answer. 

One way the church might help you discover your purpose is through a spiritual gifts survey. This type of survey asks questions to determine your strengths and spiritual gifts. 

From this, you might discover that you have a heart for compassion. As a result, you can use your compassion to help people during hard times, such as a loss of a loved one.


Attending church regularly also provides opportunities for you in several ways.

First, it opens up opportunities to serve. Serving others is great for those you serve but also benefits you. People find joy in serving, and you can serve in many ways.

For example, do you play an instrument? If so, you could possibly play that instrument in church. Others might serve by teaching Sunday school or making coffee at church.

Secondly, it provides opportunities to spend time with other believers. Your church might host a church camp weekend for the congregation, giving you a chance to get away with other believers. 

Finally, you can find ways to give financially to help others in need.

For example, you can give money each week to support the church. You might also give money to families in need or missionaries that serve in other places.

Find a Church 

As you can see, finding and attending a church regularly is beneficial for your life. Once you start going, you’ll quickly see that you develop relationships with other believers and find the encouragement you need in your life.

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