God is powerful and can literally do anything. He can make anything happen. He can do more in a single second than you can do in a decade of trying.

And yet, my experience is, that the average Christian hasn’t seen this power manifested in their own life.

Why is that?

Is it because you are not holy enough?
Jesus said you’ve been made holy.

So it can’t be that single reason. Sure, sin blocks God’s power in our lives, but I know scores of believers who are not actively engaged in defiance toward God.

Is it because you aren’t praying the right words?
Jesus told us not to pray in vain scripts.

So the lack of God’s power in our lives can’t be from the reason that we haven’t said the perfect mixture of words.

From my own experience, one of the main culprits in why people do not see God move in their prayer life is not a lack of desire to see Him move … it is that they don’t know how to pray.

The disciples did have a religious background. True, they were not “coached up” or theologically astute. Then again, few people are even today.

They had grown up around praying … but one of the very first things they asked Jesus to do was “teach us how to pray.”

Did they not know how to pray? No. They knew what it meant to pray.

What they were asking Jesus was, “Teach us to pray like that!”

So where’s the place to start? That’s easy.

The single greatest decision I ever made in the area of prayer wasn’t to read more books on prayer. It wasn’t to listen to sermons on prayer.

The single greatest decision I have ever made in watching my prayer life grow deeper was to position myself intentionally around people who knew how to pray.

I literally spent time with praying people, watching, listening, and having conversations on how to pray so that I would grow deeper in my walk with God.

You get as much of God as you want.

And if you want more of God, get around the saints of God who know who He is and how He works.

Chris Hodges, who is the lead pastor of Church of the Highlands, said something recently that caused me to stop and say “amen.”

“If this year is the best year of your life spiritually, it’ll be the best year of your life.”

He’s right. If you move to higher ground with God this year, it’ll be the best year you’ve ever experienced because you’ll see His hand move in your life in fresh ways.

What’s Next?

At ClearView, we have a built-in way for you to start this journey.

Thursday nights. 7 pm. In what we call The Chapel.

There we have a group of people who pursue Spirit-filled approaches to life. They know how to talk with God. And they can teach you how to talk with Him too.

The next step is up to you.

To learn more about ClearView’s prayer initiative, watch this video or check out our website to learn more about ClearView.