Some creative gift ideas are a hit or miss in my opinion.
If we take a quick look at the spectrum of gifts, this is how it breaks down: There are some people who have the knack for finding the perfect gifts for everyone whether it’s their grandma or mailman. On the other side of things, there are people who dread shopping each Christmas season because no matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to find the right one.

No matter which side of the spectrum you fall on (or if you’re like me and find yourself somewhere in the middle) this year is going to be different when it comes to holiday shopping. Production shortages and supply chain disruptions are happening which is leading to a lack of stock and shipping delays across the country. To put it in simple terms: Walmart and Target won’t have all the things on your wish list this year.

To help you combat that disappointing fact, here are 5 creative gift ideas that will keep you from buying gift cards for your family members, friends, or significant others this holiday season.

1. A Jar Full of Encouragement

Most people value words of affirmation. We often dwell in the words that hurt, but why not change the narrative by using words to build people up. You can use words as part of a gift to make one feel valued and feel known by you. This can be achieved by making a list of things you admire about someone, writing that list on little slips of paper, and then compiling them in a jar. This gift is something that can last and hold sentimental value. If you want to make this idea even better, try reaching out to other important people in the recipient’s life and have them contribute some words as well.

2. A Night-In Kit

There is so much emphasis on making the best out of the time you have. The pressure for productivity causes people to forget about taking time for themselves and slowing down. Building someone a “night-in” kit can remind them to slow down and take some time for self-care during the post-holiday season. This kit can be flexible in consideration of what it contains, but I would suggest any of the following: a cozy blanket, puzzles, games, their favorite snacks, a movie, or even a bath bomb.

3. A Subscription to a Coffee of the Month Club

If you’re like me, you love getting packages in the mail. There is a sense of sweet anticipation of when something you’ve been waiting for finally arrives! Giving someone the gift of this subscription not only helps fuel the coffee obsession most people have, but it also gives that person a continual gift–something to look forward to. This would also help fight against shipping deadlines since it would come the same time each month and not have to rush to get in before Christmas! Some popular subscriptions are Atlas Coffee Club or Bean Box.

4. A “What if…” Kit

In our world, the unexpected happens quite often. One of my least favorite things is feeling unprepared. I know I’m not alone in this feeling and there could be a simple solution to help your loved one feel more prepared. Create a kit with useful items that could help them in random situations. The one I keep in my car is full of things like band aids, medicine, socks, tape, scissors, flashlights, gloves, granola bars, some carabiners, and an umbrella.

5. A Fun Experience

You don’t always need to have a tangible “thing” for someone to hold when they open a gift. Instead try to find something they’d enjoy and plan the experience for them. This could be tickets to a sporting event or concert, a quick weekend trip, or even a hike/picnic at their favorite park. This appeals to those around you who love quality time!
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Don’t find yourself stressing over gift-giving this Christmas season. As long as you put some thought, effort, and love into each present you find yourself buying or making, the recipient will appreciate it.