64% of Americans are Christians, making Christianity the most popular religion in the US. Are you considering joining a Baptist church? If so, there is a lot of joy and hope in store for you.

You will get to fellowship with other members of the faith. They can support you on your walk with the Lord and guide you to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world!

Along your journey, you will also learn from the Bible’s teachings. The Bible contains many stories and parables that can teach us how to live our lives, even in today’s modern world.

Are you excited to start learning about Christianity? We want to help get you started with the most important lessons every member of the Christian church should know.

The Bible Is God’s Word

As Christians, we rely on the Bible to teach about God and His desires. The Bible begins with Genesis, the story of creation. In Genesis, we learn that God created us, the animals, and the natural world around us.

The Bible also teaches us about Jesus. We can learn about His birth, His life and teachings, and His death and resurrection. With Jesus as an inspiration, we can understand how to live a life that is pleasing to God.

Jesus Is the Son of God

One of the most crucial tenants of Christianity to understand is the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity refers to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

The Bible tells us that Jesus is the son of God. But that doesn’t mean that Jesus is God’s biological son. According to John 1:14 in the New Testament, Jesus is God made manifest in human form.

Accepting that Jesus is the son of God is one of the first steps to accepting Him into your heart and starting your journey as a Christian.

The Old Testament Prophesied Jesus’ Coming

The Bible is divided into two sections: the Old Testament and the New Testament. In the Old Testament, a prophet named Isaiah had a vision of Jesus’ coming. This is known as the Messianic Prophecy.

The Messianic Prophecy can give you faith and clear up your doubts. People predicted Jesus’ coming centuries before it happened.

Prophecies about Jesus’ coming are also important for proving that Jesus of Nazareth is the son of God. You can use this fact when you’re spreading the good news to others.

There Is a Heaven and a Hell

The Bible gives comfort to people who worry about where they will go after they die. Christians will get to spend eternal life in Heaven with Jesus. The Bible describes Heaven as a place with no pain or suffering.

Those who do not believe in the Christian Faith must pay penance for their sins in Hell. The Bible describes Hell as a place of eternal fire over which the Devil rules.

Jesus Died for Our Sins

God sent his only son as a sacrifice for our sins. Since Eve ate the apple from the Tree of Knowledge, all humans have been tainted with sin. And the place for sinners is Hell.

Jesus changed all that. His sacrifice ensured that as long as you accept God as your one Lord and Savior, your soul will join other Christians in Heaven to live life eternally.

God Tasks Christians to Spreading the Good News

Evangelism is a main component of the Christian faith. It means to spread the gospel or good news about Jesus to others. The more we spread the gospel, the more brothers and sisters will join us in Heaven.

Even more importantly, God has commanded his followers to spread the good news. He wants us to tell others that God loved us so much that He sacrificed His only son for our sins.

In today’s day and age, many people are desperate to hear hopeful news. Tell them that Christ came back from the dead and will return again to take us all to the New Heaven when He defeats the Devil.

The Church Is the Body of Christ

Reading the Bible and spreading the gospel are not the only things God has called us to do. He also wants us to fellowship with other Christians. And the place He designated for fellowship is the church.

Church is a place to learn about God’s teachings and desires for us. It is a place to commune with like-minded individuals. Best of all, the Christian church is a haven from the temptations of the world.

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