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Join us for an enlightening and empowering journey at our Women’s Keys to Freedom Bible study, starting on January 10th! Over the course of 8 weeks, from 6:30-8:00PM, we will dive deep into the spiritual insights of the Keys to Freedom study.

This transformative experience is designed to equip and empower you to live a life of true freedom with Christ by your side. Throughout the program, you’ll engage in daily readings, group discussions, and interactive sessions, guiding you through the following profound topics:

πŸ”‘ Hearing From God
πŸ”‘ Committing and Connecting to Christ
πŸ”‘ Renewing Your Mind
πŸ”‘ Healing Life’s Hurts
πŸ”‘ Choosing to Forgive
πŸ”‘ Breaking Generational Patterns
πŸ”‘ Using Your Authority in Christ
πŸ”‘ Maintaining Lifelong Freedom

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to deepen your faith, connect with fellow believers, and experience the true power of living in Christ’s freedom. We can’t wait to see you there! Join us and unlock the keys to your spiritual freedom.

This study is free, sign up HERE.

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