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Join us on February 10, 2024, for an uplifting and enriching day filled with opportunities to create, be inspired, feel renewed, and enjoy fellowship with women from all generations. The cost of participation is $20, which includes lunch and the materials for your class.

During lunch, we are excited to have guest speaker Lisa Mackie share a devotional with our women’s group on the theme of “Getting Past Your Past.” Disclaimer: Please note that a disclaimer about Lisa Mackie’s devotional will touch on the topic of abortion.

Here are the class options for this awesome day:

When Too Much Is Too Much: Rediscovering the Lost Language of Lament – Nikki Roberts
There is a beautiful word missing from our Western Churches. It is the word “lament.” This course will help define this ancient word and help to explain its importance in our lives and why it is a crucial part of our faith journey. We will learn how to apply the process of biblical lament in our own lives to help us release our strife to an understanding and caring God.

Let’s Be the Safe Place (Deeper Still Ministry) – Lisa Mackie
Address the sensitive topic of abortion with grace and understanding. Learn how to create a safe space for discussion and support for those who have experienced abortion, those facing unplanned pregnancies, and those desiring to be compassionate advocates.

Beginning Cake Decorating with the Cake Lady (Limit 12) – Norma Watson
Embark on a sweet journey into cake decorating with the Cake Lady. Limited to 12 participants, this class will cover icing and decorating cupcakes, achieving level cakes, mastering smooth icing, measuring shortening, and creating various decorations such as borders, writing, roses, leaves, stars, basket weave, daisies, and grass or fur.

Personal Care and Home Products  – Amanda Cantrell
Dive into a discussion about the ingredients in everyday products, their effects on our bodies and the environment, and how to make informed choices for personal care and home items.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage in a day of learning, growth, and connection with women of all ages. We look forward to sharing this transformative experience with you! Register HERE.

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