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Searching for your unique purpose? Do you feel confused about where God has called you to serve? Uncover your extraordinary design with the PLACE Class—a relaxed, informative, and enjoyable journey that uncovers the very essence of who you are. God has uniquely called you to serve. Your purpose is within reach.

What to Expect:

  • Unearth Your Unique Design: The PLACE Class is your gateway to understanding your spiritual gifts, personality, abilities, passions, and life experiences. Delve deep into the tapestry of your being to reveal your true self.
  • Find Your Purpose in Ministry and Life: Discover the profound connection between your unique design and your purpose in both ministry and life. Gain the tools to find your path and the confidence to walk it.
  • The PLACE Assessment: Take the PLACE assessment, a powerful tool that unveils your strengths and gifts. This assessment is the key to unlocking your potential and understanding your unique role in God’s plan.
  • Making Sense of Your Results: The PLACE Class provides you with the knowledge and wisdom to interpret your assessment results. Learn how to apply these insights to your daily life, guiding you on your journey of self-discovery.

We understand the struggle to find your purpose. At ClearView Baptist Church, we are dedicated to helping you discover your path in life. The PLACE Class is one of the ways we support you on this journey.

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