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Do you ever feel like your life is fine and good, yet even still you find yourself quietly wondering at times that maybe you haven’t done anything great?

I mean, you are thankful for the life you have … but you wonder in the secret places of your heart … if your life counts.

Ever feel that way?

When you see people like Steve Jobs do you ever wonder, “If I die today I didn’t invent the iPhone.”

Many people – in fact most people – don’t want to be famous. Oh sure we’d take the money! The fame? Well I can live without that, right?

And yet I don’t know anyone that says, “I’d like to die a quiet death and my life goal is that my life accomplished nothing.”

The problem is we compare ourselves to other people’s successes. Like Steve Jobs and the iPhone.

And in all honestly … I don’t think it matters to God if we ever make the next iPhone.

In fact the reason that someone like Steve Jobs sticks out is because of something that was so random.

No – the world is full of people who are just ordinary, good people, who do want to count for something.

What I love about Scriptures is that it is full of ordinary people doing incredibly non-ordinary things.

You can tell when you read the Bible that God specializes in taking the normal person and making them abnormal.

A Question Worth Asking

So here’s a question … what if you could know for sure that your life does count?

What if you could know – beyond any doubt – that your life matters?

And with that in mind, let me tell you where that all starts:
you must ask God to tell you why you were born.

I’m serious.

It starts by asking Him to reveal your created purpose to you.

What’s the first step in that?

It starts with believing.

You have to believe that God created you and that He wants you in His family.

Jesus came to “save that which was lost” the Bible tells us.

Christ is the starting point for knowing your purpose.

And you have to come to a place where you believe that … before you can ever receive that.

You have to believe that you were not created to walk as around as what Zig Ziglar famously called “a wandering generality.”

Zig once said, “Most people live lives as wandering generalities when they could be a meaningful specific.”

And it’s true.

If you believe that your life could actually count. That’s a start.

But that’s not a stopping point.

Let’s go back to the iPhone for a second.


Let’s imagine … and I know it’s hard … but let’s imagine that you saw an iPhone for the first time. You’d never had heard of one. And you really don’t know what this is or how it works.

So if you wanted to know what this “thing” does then you’d have to make one simple move: you’d need to call the manufacturer.

Call the person who made it. Ask them what it’s for, how it works, and what’s its intended purpose.

Sure, you could call an Apple representative. You could talk to someone who actually owns an iPhone … but why do that when you can actually talk to the one who made it?

There’s this man in the Scriptures named Moses.

As he was wandering around one day, he had a reckoning.

He ran into his “maker.”

And they talked about the reason for Moses having a purpose.

If you really want to know why you’re on the planet … the next time you’re driving down the road listen to this for a few minutes.

It could be the first step in you moving from wandering around to waking up with real purpose that comes from God.

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About the Author: Jason Cruise is the Senior Pastor of ClearView Baptist Church in Franklin, TN.