Do you know why God put you on this planet?

“Don’t become a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.” –Zig Ziglar

The Path to Purpose was designed as a roadmap to helping every follower of Christ discover why God put them on the planet.

Prayer is at the core of everything we do. Not only does the journey begin there, we believe that it should be the center of every step along the way. 

Follow the steps below, and you’ll be well along your way to discovering why God put you on this planet. 


Encounter Jesus

Where Your Path Begins

Every journey has a beginning. The pathway to finding God’s purpose for your life begins with answering the question of Jesus. Who is Jesus to you? Have you followed Christ in accepting His grace for salvation? Have you been baptized after salvation?

Connect to ClearView

Attend Starting Point and Join a Group

ClearView is not just a building. We are a group of people following Christ together in order to impact our community. Interested in connecting to the life of ClearView? Our Starting Point class will help you learn who we are. And our groups really form the epicenter of all we do. Life together is a vital part of growing in our God-given purpose.

Discover Your Purpose

Be Guided Through PLACE.

PLACE is a special assessment to help you learn how God has uniquely made you. It helps you identify your personality, spiritual gifts and passions. One of our PLACE Guides will help you through what it all means and connect you to your calling. Living life in the midst of your calling is the best place to be!

If you’re ready to discover your purpose by taking the PLACE assessment, click here.

Engage Your Calling

Lead Others to Encounter Jesus

This is the part of the journey where you become a missionary. Whether it’s coworkers, neighbors, or even family members, we want everyone to encounter Jesus and discover why God put them on the planet. 

Where are you on the path?