At the center of most of our marital conflict is a simple missing piece of the puzzle called communication.

Far too many couples either choose to walk away, or just live with a less than happy existence instead of learning to work together to build this vital part of a healthy relationship. This weekend isn’t just for those in trouble. It is for any couple that wants to see their relationship be the best it can be together.

Join us for this honest and fearless weekend!


April 30–May 1, 2021

$45 through April 19

$60 beginning April 20

Childcare registration closes April 19

ClearView Baptist Church
537 Franklin Rd.
Franklin, TN 37069

Steve and Debbie Wilson

Steve and Debbie Wilson


Steve and Debbie Wilson’s heart beats for stronger healthier marriages. In 1990, their marriage fell apart. With God’s intervention and his promise,” that what He began, he will complete” Phil 1:6, they worked their way back stronger than ever. It totally changed their passion and journey.

After four years of working towards a great marriage, God impressed them to began sharing what God had done and how he could help every marriage. Thus they began teaching marriage conferences around the nation.