ClearView Family… 

I hope that you are staying well and that you’re keeping a calm perspective. We need calm leaders right now, and if you carry the name of Christ, you’re called out to lead. Our world is better because you are in it! 

We are experiencing history. It’s a wild time to be alive! 

It’s not an overstatement to say it. 

And historical moments force you to think and to respond differently. 

In this email below we have critical information about how ClearView will move forward in the next 30 days. 

1. Watch the video below before you do anything else! 

This will explain the motives fueling our decisions to take this approach the next (3) Sundays. 

As for ClearView as a weekly entity, we will continue to pursue our mindset of “Be Responsible, and Not Reckless.” 


2. ClearView Campus Hours.
ClearView offices will be closed through April 6th. We will also being using this window of time to deep clean our campus. 

3. How To Contact The Pastors and Staff:
You can contact our staff and pastors at any time with our staff directory.

4. Social media. 

If you have yet to do so – please follow us on these social media outlets as this is where ClearView updates are housed in real time: 

ClearView Twitter
ClearView Facebook
ClearView Instagram

5. Vision matters and it matters right now. 

Our Path To Hope project is an intentional response that has been created as our best effort to be relevant to a world in need of hope. 

We want to engage the national crisis with vision and answers … instead of waiting for the world to change.  

Vision and courage matter right now. 

In that mindset we are asking you to be faithful to support the Kingdom work at ClearView because ministry doesn’t stop. 

Your options to give are primarily these (3): 

  • Online
  • Texting: Text GIVE + $ amount to 615-258-6335. (ie., GIVE 200).
  • Mail a check to: ClearView Baptist Church, 537 Franklin Road, Franklin, TN 37069

This is our church. This is our time. And we must open our eyes!

Jason Cruise
Senior Pastor