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Join us for a journey of gratitude in our “R.E.A.L Wednesdays” Bible study, starting on January 17th from 9:15 AM to 11:30 AM. In a world often filled with challenges, the Bible reveals the key to becoming a truly grateful person: recognizing that the One who owes us nothing has graciously given us everything.

This 5-session study, led by Lisa Acklen and Julie Pachares, is designed to guide you in developing a thankful heart that goes beyond fleeting moments of gratitude, evolving into a continual harvest of thankfulness regardless of circumstances. Each week, we will delve into the profiles of individuals in the Bible who exemplify a grateful heart. Through in-depth discussions, we will explore the teachings of Scripture on gratefulness, meditate on psalms of thanksgiving, and empower you to actively practice gratitude in your daily life.

Discover the biblical foundation of living with a grateful heart, and let the insights gained motivate you to thank God in all things. Embrace the opportunity to cultivate a spirit of gratitude that transforms your perspective and enriches your relationship with the One who provides abundantly. We invite you to join us on this inspiring journey of reflection, study, and practical application, as we learn the profound art of living with a grateful heart.

This Bible study will be $15 to cover the cost of your book. Sign up HERE

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