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Our next 31 event will be on August 21. Join us as we come together to create, be inspired, feel renewed, and enjoy fellowship with women from all generations. Ladies 6th grade and up are invited!

We will feature the following classes:

Cake Decorating by Norma Watson: We will go through the basics of decorating a cake. some techniques we’ll cover are how to level the cake, smooth icing, make borders, flowers, and other decorations.
Please bring an apron to this class.

When Too Much Is Too Much: Discovering the Lost Language of Lament by Nikki King: The last few years have been difficult on all of us…fraught with loss, massive change, upheaval, constant anxiety, and uncertainty. Thankfully, the Lord gave us a way to work through painful times in His great wisdom. The Bible is full of raw and beautiful lament language that we rarely use in our Western churches anymore.  Come and learn this beautiful ancient method to find a path through the pain of our lives that leads straight into the arms of our Savior. We will dig into Psalm 22 to help understand the journey and process of lamenting.  Endless treasures await us when we discover the lost language of lament.

Introduction to Flower Arranging by Joy Posthauer: In this class, we will cover the basics of flower arranging, and you will get to take your work home with you!

It’s a Library Thing by Beth Bruning: You’ll hear about books that will nurture your children, books that will bless your soul, and books that help solve life’s problems.  And they’re FREE. We’ll discuss the best books for reading aloud to children of all ages and how books are curated exclusively for ClearView readers. 

Nourishing Foods by Amanda Cantrell: We will learn about nourishing foods, including healthy meats and dairy, and how to support farmers. We will briefly review healthy fats and sweeteners and the importance of reading labels. This class will include sources for better food choices and resources for further study.

A Simple Nativity Painting by Teri Daly: What a sweet way to spend our time together as we create a simple but beautiful nativity painting. You can keep this for yourself or get a head start on Christmas gifts.
Please bring a painting smock to this class.

Each participant will be able to take one class. The cost is $15, and dinner is included. Sign up HERE.

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