Dig Notes are summaries and questions designed to help you apply the truth of Scripture to your life and to engage your neighbors in truth-filled discussions as you watch or listen to sermons at ClearView. Click on the sermon title to watch it, and then click the button to download the Dig Notes for that sermon.

September 24: Pastor Cruise delved into the powerful impact of social media on our propensity to compare our lives with others. He explored how the criticisms faced by Paul teach us to focus on stewarding our unique life’s mission as a shield against the opinions of others, revealing a transformative perspective on self-worth and purpose.

September 17: This message prompts self-reflection, stressing obedience in fulfilling one’s calling. Pastor Cruise challenges the body to notice the mission field nearby, emphasizing the gap between God’s message availability and awareness.

September 10: Pastor Cruise’s sermon utilized Ephesians 4 to discuss forgiveness.

September 3: In this sermon, Pastor Cruise highlights that while attainable, the Kingdom requires our all. The sermon encourages introspection on worth, differentiating true engagement from mere attendance, and emphasizes crafting a personalized life scorecard to evade comparison and anxiety.

August 27: Pastor Cruise’s sermon emphasizes the importance of recognizing who holds the pen to our life stories using Numbers 12-14. Two fundamental truths are highlighted: our past shapes us, and our present continues to shape us.

August 20: Senior Pastor Jason Cruise used Revelation 2 to discuss “first loves” and call us to consider what idols we might have in place of God.

July 30: Senior Pastor Jason Cruise concludes the sermon series “Sexually Disoriented” with “Why Am I Here… Right Now?”

July 23: Senior Pastor Jason Cruise used Romans 6 and James 1 to dive into the conversation about homosexuality in our culture today.

July 16: Senior Pastor Jason Cruise continues our series, Sexually Disoriented. In this, he utilized Matthew 10 to emphasize and reiterate what God wants us to do wit His power.

July 9: Senior Pastor Jason Cruise began our new series, Sexually Disoriented. In this, he utilized Romans 1 to evaluate how we got to our current place in culture.