ClearView Prep Preschool

Meet Our Staff

Office Staff


Cindy Cornelius – Director

Cindy graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Early Elementary Education.  Cindy enjoys interacting with children and helping them grow academically, emotionally and spiritually.  

Cindy grew up in the Hermitage area.  After graduating from WKU with a degree in Early Elementary Education, she then taught kindergarten in TN and TX.  Cindy and her husband, Ryan, were married in 1997, moved to Austin, TX, from 2001-2005 and now resides in Franklin with her family and have two (adopted) children Pearce and Allie.  Pearce and Allie were both in CCC, so Cindy has experienced CCC as a parent, substitute teacher, teacher and currently as assistant director.  The Cornelius family has been members of Clearview since 2006.

Cindy enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and watching Pearce and Allie play ball.

Judy Winton – Assistant Director

Judy Winton has been a member of ClearView since November 2020. She previously taught at CCC for 1.5 years before working for WCS as an Attendance Secretary for the last 7 years while her kids were in college. She has just recently returned to ClearView Prep as the Assistant Director. She graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a B.S. in Elementary Education. Judy and her husband David have been married since 1990 and have 2 sons – Seth and his wife Niki who live in Ooltewah, TN, and Cole who graduated from UTC in December 2021. Judy loves the opportunity to help in all the ClearView Prep classrooms and be with all the teachers and students. In her free time, she loves to read (especially on the beach), quilt, cook, cheer on her UT Vols, and spend time with family and friends. 

Jennifer Lein – Finance Assistant

Jennifer is from Brentwood, TN, and moved to Franklin in 1995.  The Lein family has been attending ClearView since 2006. She and her husband have four children Jeremy, Samantha, Adrianna and William.

Jennifer started out subbing for CCC and then came on board full time as our amazing floater teacher.  She, also, serves as our extended care coordinator and financial assistant.

She enjoys attending her kid’s activities and doing things outdoors such as hiking and walking.



Marissa Hromadka

Marissa moved to Franklin from Houston, TX in 2015 and feels very blessed to live in such a beautiful place with such kind hearted people.

She attended Texas A&M University earning a B.A. in Psychology. After college she worked for the Texas A&M University Child Development Center as a lead in the three year old class. Marissa & her husband moved to Dallas for a year and after returning to Houston she taught the threes for Humble ISDs Early Head Start program.

The Hromadkas have been blessed with two beautiful children (Bella and Luke) and she felt God calling her to teach in a Christian preschool setting. This allowed her to be with her children and strengthen their love for learning about the Lord. CCC reminded her so much of the school she loved so much, but had to leave to relocate. She immediately knew that ClearView was the right place for her.  She feels blessed to have a spot on staff with the infants where she can continue doing what she loves.

Initials:            MCH

Birthday:         4/15    

Allergies:         None

Color:              Gray, white, navy, pink, maroon

Sweet Treat:   Reese’s sticks, chocolate chip cookies, Oreos

Soda or Drink:             Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper Zero, unsweet tea w/ lemon

Fast Food Restaurant:             Chick-fil-A, Sonic, Shake Shack, Chicken Salad Chick

Sit Down Restaurant:              J. Alexander’s, Culaccino’s, Perry’s, Chuys

Place to Shop:              Target, Nordstrom, Hobby Lobby

Season:            Fall

Hobbies:          running, crafting, watching movies

Kelly Gamble

Kelly is from Alabama and graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2001.  She married her high school sweetheart, Will on December 1, 2001.  After marrying, they have lived in Atlanta, Charlotte, and now Franklin.  They have 2 children, Alexy and Trey.  

Kelly’s has been at CCC, since 2018.  She has been a Sunday school teacher for 2-year old’s to high schoolers.  She is also on staff at ClearView as the Paid Childcare Coordinator.  As part of the preschool team at ClearView she helps in many of the ClearView/CCC preschool activities such as Playcation.  Both of Kelly’s children attended Christian preschool so she knows the importance of teaching kids Bible stories and songs at an early age.  She loves seeing the children singing the songs they have learned and knowing Bible stories they have learned at preschool and church.

Initials:            KEG

Birthday:         12/6    

Allergies:         None

Color:              Purple

Sweet Treat:   Gummies

Soda or Drink:             Cherry Coke Zero

Fast Food Restaurant:             Chick-fil-A

Sit Down Restaurant:              Bricktops

Place to Shop:              Amazon

Season:                        Winter

Hobbies:          running

1 Year Olds


Tracy Peterson

Tracy began teaching at CCC in 1995 and has been teaching preschool for over 30 years.  She lives in Franklin and is married to Kyle.

They have two daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah, and three grandchildren whom all attend CCC.  She loves teaching preschool, baseball (especially Vanderbilt baseball), traveling and spending time with family.

Initials:            TLP

Birthday:         January 21

Allergies:         None

Color:              Yellow & Red

Sweet Treat:               m & m’s (plain and peanut)

Soda or Drink:             LaCroix & Bubbly

Fast Food Restaurant:             Chick-fil-A, Crumble Cookie

Sit Down Restaurant:              Outback

Place to Shop:              Kohl’s, Amazon, William Sonoma

Season:            Fall

Hobbies:          Vanderbilt baseball, crochet, reading

Neeka Blankenship

Neeka Blankenship lives in Franklin, TN along with her husband Kevin and their son Kevin Chase. Neeka teaches in our MOPs program and, also, is a Sunday school teacher in our Kindergarten class where she and her husband have taught since 2008. Her son is also a junior teacher in the class. Neeka is excited to be part of the CCC team.

Initials:            NEB

Birthday:         5/9      

Allergies:         None

Color:              Light blue

Sweet Treat:               Anything!

Soda or Drink:             Coke

Fast Food Restaurant:             Chick-fil-A

Sit Down Restaurant:              Chuys

Place to Shop:              Amazon

Season:            Summer

Hobbies:          Sports

Barbara Harville

Barbara Harville has had the joy and privilege of being a teacher at CCC since 2004, two years of those as a substitute.  She has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Oklahoma State University and was involved in some area of preschool/children’s ministry many years before teaching at CCC. She has taught in the Frog’s Class since 2015, her favorite age group of all.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Barbara and her husband, Kent, and daughter, Allison, picked up their roots from Oklahoma in 2002 and moved to Franklin, joining ClearView within a couple months. They have two married daughters and five grandchildren.

At ClearView, Barbara also enjoys teaching 1st through 4th grade Sunday school at the 8:15 hour, and has had the joy of teaching some of the children she taught previously at CV Prep.

Initials:            BLH

Birthday:         1/22

Allergies:         Seasonal

Color:              Blue

Sweet Treat:   Dark chocolate w/ almonds & sea salt

Soda or Drink:             Unsweet tea w/ or w/out mango or strawberry

Fast Food Restaurant:             Chick-fil-A, Sonic, Subway, McAlister’s

Sit Down Restaurant:              Cheddars, O’Charleys, Outback

Place to Shop:              Belk, Kirklands, TJ Maxx

Season:            Summer

Hobbies:          Spending time with husband, children, and grandchildren, gardening, decorating, exercising, site seeing, and watching movies with her husband

Sarah Thomas

Sarah is a Nashville native. She grew up at ClearView Baptist Church and has worked in ClearView’s paid childcare since she was 16. She has substituted for CV Prep for about 5 years. Working with people who have special needs is her passion. She has worked as a caregiver for 2 years, and she worked at the YMCA full circle program. She has completed some college and plans to pursue a career that serves people with special needs.

Initials:            SLT

Birthday:         4/10

Allergies:         avoids gluten and dairy

Color:              Purple

Sweet Treat:   Red velvet bundt cake

Soda or Drink:             Green juices

Fast Food Restaurant:             Fazoli’s

Sit Down Restaurant:              Conners Steakhouse

Place to Shop:              TJ Maxx

Season:            Fall

Hobbies:          Anything outdoors (hiking, biking, swimming)

2 Year Olds


Barbara Reed

A Michigan native, Barbara Reed moved to Franklin, TN in 1989. Her husband, Alan was transferred in his job as a Saturn Industrial Engineer. They started attending ClearView Baptist Church shortly after they moved.

Barbara graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Education (chemistry and mathematics). She worked for Chrysler Corporation for nine years as a Materials Engineer. She enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom while her children were preschoolers, and started teaching at ClearView Children’s Center when her youngest went to kindergarten.

Barbara has been teaching at CCC since 1995. She also loves teaching preschoolers in Sunday school. She loves Jesus and considers it a joy and privilege to teach children about God, Jesus, and the Bible. It is her ministry!

Barbara & Alan have 2 grown children & 8 grandchildren. 

Initials:            BBR

Birthday:         3/29

Allergies:         Corn, eggs, bell peppers, oranges, pineapple

Color:              Blue

Sweet Treat:   Chocolate candy w/ nuts

Soda or Drink:             Diet Cherry Coke

Fast Food Restaurant:             Chick-fil-A

Sit Down Restaurant:              Cheddars

Place to Shop:              Target, kohl’s

Season:            Spring

Hobbies:          Reading, growing iris flowers

Amelia Smith

Initials:            ADS

Birthday:         7/16

Allergies:         Coconut

Color:              Red

Sweet Treat:               Chocolate

Soda or Drink:             Coca-cola

Fast Food Restaurant:             Chick-fil-A

Sit Down Restaurant:              Miller’s

Place to Shop:              Target

Season:            Winter

Hobbies:          Running, dancing, shopping

Pat Davis

Along with her husband, Phil, Pat Davis moved from Memphis to Franklin in 1993. After a 20-year career as a Medical Secretary, Pat started a second career as a preschool teacher here at CCC. This is her 20th year. She enjoys ministering to children and parents.

Pat and Phil are members of ClearView Baptist Church. They have one daughter, who lives in Vero Beach Florida, along with their granddaughter. Their grandson lives in Franklin. When she isn’t teaching, Pat enjoys gardening, reading, and traveling.

Melina Baird

Along with her husband, Phil, Pat Davis moved from Memphis to Franklin in 1993. After a 20-year career as a Medical Secretary, Pat started a second career as a preschool teacher here at CCC. This is her 20th year. She enjoys ministering to children and parents.

Pat and Phil are members of ClearView Baptist Church. They have one daughter, who lives in Vero Beach Florida, along with their granddaughter. Their grandson lives in Franklin. When she isn’t teaching, Pat enjoys gardening, reading, and traveling.

Initials:            MSB

Birthday:         4/12

Allergies:         None

Color:              Red

Sweet Treat:               Grab the Gold, Go Macro Bar, homemade chocolate chip cookies

Soda or Drink:             Lime LaCroix

Fast Food Restaurant:             Chick-fil-A, Nashville Pizza Co.

Sit Down Restaurant:              Cracker Barrel, Red Lobster

Place to Shop:              Target, Amazon

Season:            Fall & spring

Hobbies:          Swimming, being outside, sports

3 Year Olds


Lauren Kallemeyn

Lauren currently resides in the Nashville area with her husband of five years, Andrew,  her two–year-old son, Caden, and her newborn son Parker.  She has worked with preschoolers for over nine years and was the lead preschool teacher at The Summit Preparatory Academy for two years in her hometown of White House, TN.  Lauren became acquainted with CV Prep while attending the ClearView MOPS program, which she still attends. This is her second year teaching at CV Prep and she feels very blessed to now be a part of this wonderful organization where the importance of teaching children about the Lord is equally as important as seeing each child learn and develop. She is very excited and blessed to be able to pour into her passions of teaching children again and to be surrounded by a great community of talented, Christian women.

In her free time, she enjoys being active outdoors with her family and her cockapoo, Graham. She also enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and playing her ukulele with her son.

Birthday: March 24

Allergies: N/A

Favorite Color: Navy Blue, Grey

Favorite Sweet Treat: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Favorite Soda or Drink: Coke Zero

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-fil-A, Starbucks

Favorite Sit Down Restaurant: First Watch

Favorite Place to Shop: Target

Favorite Season: Fall

Hobbies: biking, running, guitar, and cooking

Marian Vasuta

Marian moved with her family to Franklin in 2014. She and her husband have been married for 30 years. They have four children and one daughter-in-law. Marian has navigated her children through seven relocations and became a stay-at-home mom while her husband’s job regularly required him to travel. She loves to travel as well. She also loves to bake and play games, but most of all she enjoys spending time with her family.

Now that her children are almost all grown, she feels called to CV Prep. Marian loves the Lord and loves children and wants to use the gifts that God has given her. She has taught Sunday School & VBS in the past, and now is excited to teach preschool! 

4 Year Olds


Joy Duffy

Joy Duffy is new to the Nashville area, but not new to classrooms, young people, and teaching.  She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, and spent several years teaching all ages as a substitute teacher in Orange County.  Joy and her husband Matt were married in 2003, and ran a very busy construction company for 15 years.  They have 3 children, who were homeschooled until their move to Williamson County. 

Outside of her home classroom, Joy also worked with all ages as lay staff at their home church in Huntington Beach for many years, from volunteering in the nursery and AWANA cubbies to mentoring students in the College Ministry.  The Duffy family moved to Franklin, Tennessee in June of 2019 from southern California, and all are loving life here.  When not in the classroom, “mommy”-ing, or keeping the house running smoothly, Joy loves pursuing creative hobbies, but always makes time for her passion for books.  Joy is excited to be a part of the CCC staff and invest in the lives of the children in her community. 

Maureen Clarke

I am a native of San Francisco, CA and mother of two grown daughters.  I moved to Franklin, TN in 1999 to be near my younger daughter and their three children who are now grown adults.  In 2020 I became a great grandmother. I am retired from both careers as a hairdresser and a Williamson County Schools “Lunch Lady”.  My hobbies are family time, old & new friends, baking, swimming, exercise and British TV mysteries. 2021-2022 school year will be my first to teach at CV Prep preschool.  I feel blessed to be a part of this valuable team whose ministry is to bring the love of Jesus Christ to each and every child through quality education.

Initials:            MLC

Birthday:         12/11

Allergies:         Mold

Color:              Red

Sweet Treat:   Fritos

Soda or Drink:             Dr. Pepper

Fast Food Restaurant:             Chick-fil-A

Sit Down Restaurant:              Panera and Pueblo Real

Place to Shop:              Express and Trader Joe’s

Season:            Fall and spring

Hobbies:          Family, exercise, walking with friends, baking, talking on the phone with friends



Christy Brittain

Christy and her husband Tom moved to Franklin in the fall of 2015.  They have 3 boys, William, Andrew, and Benjamin.  She holds a B.S. and a Masters of Education from James Madison University.  Christy began teaching in the field of Early Childhood Special Education in Virginia in 2000.  While her boys were young, she led the 4 year old class at Westminster Presbyterian in Waynesboro, Virginia.  As her family moved from Virginia, to Texas, and now Tennessee, she has continued to remain close to children and education through Sunday School, VBS, substitute teaching, leading art classes and hosting Backyard Kids Club here at ClearView.  She is very excited to be a part of CV Prep!

Initials:            CRB

Birthday:         6/17

Allergies:         Raw fruit (apples, peaches, bananas)

Color:              Turquoise, navy

Sweet Treat:               Chocolate, cookies

Soda or Drink:             Coke

Fast Food Restaurant:             Chick-fil-A

Sit Down Restaurant:              Franklin Burger Co.

Place to Shop:              Painted Tree, Finnley’s

Season:            Fall

Hobbies:          Crafting for her Etsy shop

Lauren Echols

Lauren moved to Franklin from Plano, TX at the end of 2018 with her husband Jordan and two children, Brooke and Elliot.  She graduated from Abilene Christian University in 2004 where she met Jordan and they married in 2005.

Lauren served at her church in Texas in the preschool ministry and coordinated the childcare for their International Friends ministry.  She served in kids choir and VBS for several years.  Lauren continues to serve in the preschool ministry at her current church in Franklin.

Lauren has always been drawn to teaching at a Christian preschool and is very excited to join CV Prep and its amazing team.

Initials:            LLE

Birthday:         4/7

Allergies:         None

Color:              Navy blue

Sweet Treat:               Gluten free cookies, cupcakes, brownies

Soda or Drink:             Unsweet tea, Cherry Coke Zero for Sonic

Fast Food Restaurant:             Chick-fil-A, Sonic

Sit Down Restaurant:              Franklin Burger Co., Sopapills, Chuys

Place to Shop:              Target, Athleta, Aerie, Amazon

Season:            Spring and fall

Hobbies:          Cooking, working out, interior design

Patti Connally

Patti Connally, her husband, and two children have been members of ClearView Baptist Church since 1999. Both her daughter and son graduated from CV Prep.  Patti has taught in the CV Prep program since September 2005, teaching all but one of those years in the pre-K classroom. Before becoming a CV Prep teacher, Patti taught early childhood special education in the public school system for eight years. She has both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Special Education and works in the ministry for special needs students at ClearView on Sunday mornings.

Teaching preschoolers is Patti’s passion and spiritual gift. It is a joy to spend each Tuesday and Thursday working with these precious students and ministering to their families!  She loves seeing a child’s face light up with excitement when a new skill is learned and takes the responsibility of preparing her students for kindergarten very seriously.  The Bees class is always buzzing with fun activities, love, and laughter!

Initials:            PAC

Birthday:         9/15

Allergies:         Strong scents

Color:              Royal blue, purple, bright pink

Sweet Treat:   None

Soda or Drink:             Diet Dr. Pepper

Fast Food Restaurant:             Chick-fil-A

Sit Down Restaurant:              Carrabas

Place to Shop:              Amazon, Lakeshore Learning, Target

Season:            Fall

Hobbies:          Jigsaw puzzles, reading, crochet, cross stitch

Marla Hastings

Marla and her family have lived in Franklin since 1996. She graduated from the University of Alabama where she earned her BA in Psychology. Marla has been working with children most of her life and is so excited to be at CV Prep! In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. She loves to read, work in the yard and be near a pool. In the summer she coaches a summer league swim team and loves talking about swimming.

Monogram- MHS

Birthday – June 12

Color – Pink

Flower – Any

Teacher Supplies –  colored pens

Favorite Sweet Snack – granola with chocolate

Favorite Soda or Drink – Coffee, Water

Favorite Fast Food – Chickfila Favorite Sit Down Restaurant – Merridee’s

Places to Shop – Target, Finley’s, Amazon

Hobbies –  reading, gardening, walking

Favorite Sports Team – University of Alabama, Nashville Preds

Favorite Charities – Make a Wish, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

Favorite Season – Summer




Nikki King

​Nikki is a single mother to four precious children. Nikki graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Church Music from William Carey College.  She also graduated from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with a degree in Christian Education. She has served as a children’s minister and preschool minister, as well as a preschool teacher and director in the state of Mississippi and Louisiana.  She has also been a piano teacher and a children’s choir director for many years.  She is excited to finally be combining her two degrees by being able to teach music here at Clearview Prep. In addition to teaching music at Clearview Prep, she also is the receptionist and administrative assistant at ClearView Baptist Church. She enjoys sewing, embroidery and painting.  She also enjoys singing in the praise team at church and blogging about what the Lord is teaching her in His Word.  She is currently working on writing her first devotion book based on Exodus 34.