Emily Butler

Emily Butler has taught at CCC since 2005.  She married Scott in 1993, and they have five sons: Jack, Jeb, Joe, Judson, and Judge.  Jack married Madison in June 2019.  Emily and Scott are thrilled to have a daughter-in-law in their family!

A graduate of Samford University, Emily pursued a B.A. in math. She is also a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a M.A. in Secondary Math Education. When she is away from CCC, Emily enjoys many activities with her family, walking with friends, and tutoring students in math. Since 2004, Emily and her family have been a part of ClearView Baptist where she is active in the Kids Ministry leading worship for preschoolers on Sunday mornings and the Adult Ministry helping Scott lead a small group.

Emily's Favorites

Birthday: September 24

Hobbies: Running


Color: Cobalt Blue

Flower: Hydrangea

Teacher Supplies: Ticonderoga Pencils

Sweet Snack: Gummy Bears

Soda or Drink: Smart Water

Fast Food Restaurants: Chick-fil-A

Sit Down Restaurants: Miso in Fieldstone Farms

Places to Shop: The Gap

Sports Team: Franklin Rebels and UT Vols

Charities: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Season: Spring

Kelly Howard

Kelly moved to Williamson county in 1996 from West Monroe, Louisiana.  She attended Liberty University majoring in Elementary Education.  While never completely her degree, she found her passion serving as a volunteer in various roles in adoption/foster care ministries.  Kelly has also worked as a substitute teacher with in WCS, most often as a teacher’s assistant working with special needs children.  Currently, when not at CCC, Kelly does contract work as a Recruiting Specialist.

Kelly and her husband, Scott have been members of ClearView since 2005. They have 2 biological and 2 adopted children: Mallory, Grant, Jenna, and Jaylan.  They have hosted seven other babies in their home through various ministries and they will always hold a piece of their heart as well. Kelly serves in Preschool Worship on Sunday mornings and Scott assists with audio/visual.

Kelly’s youngest child attended CCC for three years – “I can’t say enough good things about the CCC program and the staff here.  This team walked along side us through difficult days, and were a blessing to our child as well as to me!”

Kelly will be assisting Emily with Music classes and activities at CCC.  

Kelly's Favorites

Birthday: August 24

Allergies: No allergies

Hobbies: Thrift shopping, reading, laying by the pool


Color: Mint green

Flower: Tulips and Hydrangeas

Teacher Supplies: Colored Sharpies and Gel Crayons

Sweet Snack: Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Roasted Almond Squares

Loves to shop at Whole Foods for snacks & Sprouts

Soda or Drink: Zevia or Sonic

Fast Food Restaurants: Chick-fil-A

Sit Down Restaurants: Cheesecake Factory, Merridee’s

Places to Shop: Goodwill, Boutiques, Boutiques things found at Goodwill! 😉

Sports Team: Tennessee Titans

Charities: My Life Speaks / Jonah’s Journey

Season: Spring / Fall