Birds (Younger 3’s)

Pat Davis

Along with her husband, Phil, Pat Davis moved from Memphis to Franklin in 1993. After a 20-year career as a Medical Secretary, Pat started a second career as a preschool teacher here at CCC. This is her 20th year. She enjoys ministering to children and parents.

Pat and Phil are members of ClearView Baptist Church. They have one daughter, who lives in Vero Beach Florida, along with their granddaughter. Their grandson lives in Franklin. When she isn’t teaching, Pat enjoys gardening, reading, and traveling.

Pat's Favorites

Birthday: July 9

Allergies: Bee Stings, Codeine, Penicillin

Hobbies: Gardening, Reading


Color: Purple

Flower: Gardenia

Teacher Supplies: Books

Sweet Snack: Hershey’s Dark Chocoate Nuggets

Soda or Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper

Fast Food Restaurants: Panchos, Chick-fil-A

Sit Down Restaurants: Cracker Barrel, Red Lobster

Places to Shop: Kohl’s

Sports Team: Volunteers

Charities: St. Jude Children’s Hospital & Wounded Warriors

Season: Fall

Nikki King

Nikki is the mother to four precious children. Nikki graduated from New Orleans Theological Seminary with a degree in Christian Education. She has served as children’s minister and preschool minister, as well as a preschool teacher and director in the state of Mississippi and Louisiana.  She has also been a piano teacher and a children’s choir director for many years.  This is her first year teaching at CCC.  She enjoys sewing and embroidery and has her own boutique business where she creates and designs personalized shirts and clothing for children and adults.  She also enjoys singing in the choir and with her children.

Nikki's Favorites

Birthday: June 4

Allergies: None

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Flower: Sunflower

Favorite Teacher Supplies: Sharpies, markers, paint

Favorite sweet snack/dessert: Cheesecake, chocolate cake

Favorite Soda or Drink: Peach Tea, Coke

Favorite Fast Food: Zaxby’s, Chick-fil-A

Favorite Sit-Down Restaurant: Cracker Barrel, Applebees

Favorite Place to Shop: JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby

Hobbies: Embroidery, crafting

Favorite Sports Team: None

Favorite Charities: Front Porch Ministries

Favorite Season: Fall & Winter