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Beth Newlin

Student Ministry Assistant

Beth Newlin grew up in Georgia and then moved to Germany for several years with her family.   She returned to Georgia in 1986 to finish high school. For college, Beth attended the University of Georgia to study secondary education.   After graduating in 1992, she married her husband, Keith, and they moved to Louisiana. Beth pursued a Master of Education in Business. While completing grad school, she worked as a teacher and Academic Director at a business school. 

Beth and Keith lived in Louisiana for four years and added a daughter, Heather, to the family. Later, they moved to Pennsylvania and had their son, Ethan. 2001 brought the family back to the South to their current home in Franklin.  Beth stayed home for many years then started substitute teaching until 2013 when she joined her ClearView staff family. 

Here at ClearView she is an administrative assistant for Student Ministry.

Phone: 615-791-3790