Melanie Yarnell

Hospitality Coordinator

In 1996, Melanie’s family joined Clearview Baptist Church.  Soon after, Melanie and her family got involved in the youth group and singing as special music on some Wednesdays and Sundays with her sister, Jennifer Fisher, and her father, Tony Fisher.

After staying at the church through her high school years, she left to follow where God was leading her.  After getting married and following her sailor husband all over the country, she finally settled down in Tennessee again.

With no concrete planes after her return, and her husband, Devin Yarnell, out of the Navy, Melanie found herself helping Kaye in the kitchen.  She assisted Kaye in preparing Wednesday night food for a couple years until one day Kaye announced her retirement from the kitchen.  At first Melanie was a bit apprehensive to taking on the duties of hospitality coordinator, but after Mary Clark showed her the ropes, she had much more confidence. 

Now she works in and out of the church giving back to the very place that gave her so much.