Jason Cruise

Senior Pastor

Unexpected. Have you ever had something completely unexpected, entirely unannounced, walk right into your life? 

That’s how God has always seemed to deal with me as I look back on it.

When I met Jesus, it was unexpected. It was through an unforeseen encounter with a man who told me what it meant to have a relationship with God. In a 10 minute conversation, I realized that I didn’t know what it meant to know Jesus personally. To be quite candid, nobody had ever told me I needed to know Him personally. In those 10 minutes, my life changed. Forever.

Not long afterward I found myself changing my career path from hopes of playing on the PGA Tour (a pipe dream in hindsight) to knowing that God was calling me to the life of a pastor. I began serving in ministry in 1990, preaching at churches as they’d invite me, and then serving in staff roles through my undergraduate degree.

I furthered my education at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where I finished my Master’s work. And eventually, I closed out my academic work with a Doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Never could I have charted such a script.

God has not allowed scripting in my life, and I’ve come to love that about Him. For He is, indeed, a God who doesn’t follow the script.

And to be transparent, it was that very same way with God calling my family and me to ClearView. I told someone that the entire process with ClearView felt like Moses and the burning bush. You’re going about your normal, uneventful day, and there’s this phenomenon off to the side that demands your full awareness. You are forced to deal with it.

I can tell you this, if you come to ClearView, even for one Sunday, you may just experience the unexpected, too.

I know I did. Michelle did, too. And so did our boys, Cole and Tucker. We’ve lived in Franklin since 2002, and it took only one, single Sunday in July 2017 to experience the unexpected and overwhelming presence of God Himself residing at ClearView. For my family, no kidding, it was love at first experience.

ClearView isn’t the perfect church, and they have a pastor who is quite imperfect, which is a perfect fit! So just know that on the front end. None of us at ClearView have fully arrived in the journey with Jesus, but my word it’s a super journey no doubt.

I’d love to see you come be with us sometime.

And even if you don’t, always know that we are here for you when life starts throwing the unexpected at you.

We’ve all been there, and we can help you out of the fog. 

Press On …

Jason Cruise