Learning and Singing

Sunday Mornings

EXPLORE THE BIBLE for Preschoolers by LifeWay
In Winter 2017, Explore the Bible: Kids takes your preschoolers through the books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth, where they will study the early history of Israelites as they move into the Promised Land. These stories detail Israel’s conquest of the land and their subsequent fall into a viscous pattern of abandonment of God and return.

Wednesday Nights

Worship KidStyle: Preschool brings Bible stories to life and the day's truth home in a way kids will understand. Worship KidStyle lets kids worship like kids. Fun music lifts hearts and hands to God. Cool arts and crafts bring focus on the Creator.

Learning Big Truths about God
1. The Bible Helps Me Learn
2. God Has a Plan for Churches
3. God Loves and Cares