"The beauty and promise of Portland contradicts the dark spiritual shroud over the area. Portland is a post-modern, non-Christian outpost. Tolerance is touted as a virtue over truth. Send North America: Portland is strategically focused not only on the metro area of Portland and Vancouver, Wash., but also the influential communities of Eugene and Corvallis, home, respectively, to the University of Oregon and Oregon State University. Portland Send North America city coordinator Clay Holcomb says the spiritual oppression in the area is openly discernible." - NAMB SEND City Overview. To read more click here.

Mission: We will be partnering with NAMB Church planters to help evangelize the inner city of Portland. This ministry can include any of the following: passing out flyers, talking with individuals along the street, hosting block parties, cleaning/organizing local schools, encouraging the local congregation in their efforts to reach the city, and much more. Learning about the city and being flexible to do the work needed by the church planters is a vital part of this ministry.

Cost: $700