Orphan Care

One of the greatest commands of the church is to care for those who cannot care for themselves. Specifically, we are called to care for orphans. In fact, we were all once spiritual orphans who have been adopted into Christ’s family as His sons and daughters. So when we care for orphans, we portray a beautiful picture of the Gospel. ClearView has always had a heart for orphans and that has manifested itself through adoption, foster care, and the support of ministries and organizations that care for orphans. We see orphan care as one of the four major avenues of local missions that we want to radically address.

Department of Children’s Services (DCS) is always in need of volunteers to help organize, decorate, and help with seasonal activities at their intake facilities.

Adoption and Foster Care Ministry Within ClearView there are numerous families who are active participants in adoption and foster care. In this ministry, we will commit to wrap around these families and care for them through meals, babysitting, additional family and child support and any other needs that arise through their care of these children.