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Worship Ministry Update

ClearView Family,

We were blessed to have consistent leadership from Michael Smith for the last 17 years and he will be missed.  

Following the announcement of Michael's new opportunity, the Personnel Committee (PC) met to discuss the needs of our Worship Ministry going forward.  We discussed the options of immediately pursuing a new full-time Worship Pastor, pursuing an interim Worship Pastor, and allowing current worship team members to step up and lead during this interim period.  Given that we are in the process of seeking a new Senior Pastor, we feel that we should leave the position vacant to allow the new Senior Pastor to be a part of filling this role.  We are confident in our worship staff members, Alexis Cruz and Terry Welborn, who are ready and willing to step up and lead during this time.  Based on their feedback and in an effort to be good stewards of ClearView's resources, we believe that our worship times together on Sunday mornings will continue to be strong under their leadership.  The PC will reassess the personnel needs for our Worship Ministry at each subsequent meeting during this interim period and will adjust as needed.  We are blessed to have an abundance of talented people that serve within our Worship Ministry Team.  

Thankful to be part of ClearView...

Mick Rowland, Personnel Committee Chairman