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Why should I care about the Protestant Reformation?

Church family, 

Today we celebrate with millions of Christians all over the world the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation. This month I have been reading Eric Metaxas new biography on Martin Luther, and it has reminded me of these important and foundational biblical truths below (5 Solas). Whenever we see these truths, we have reason to rejoice in the Reformation. 

  • Scripture alone - our highest and greatest authority.
  • Grace alone - our only hope in resurrecting dead sinners.
  • Faith alone - we are joined to Christ and justified by his righteousness. 
  • Christ alone - the only atoning sacrifice for sin.
  • God alone - the ultimate object of our worship.

On this great day, we celebrate the rediscovery of the gospel and may we be instruments in the Redeemer's hands to advance His kingdom as Luther did 500 years ago. 

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Happy Reformation Day, 
Pastor Mark