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Why I planned an Egg Hunt during Spring Break

This past summer, we hosted Backyard Kids Club for the second year. I love inviting the kids I teach to our house to learn about Jesus. Our children go to school with them as well. The first year we hosted, we talked about doing things throughout the year but never did. Last summer, we did our BKC after returning from Haiti, and it made me realize how important community is to me.

A large number of the students at my school do not attend church, and that makes me sad. I talked to Jennie Ross to get some ideas and then decided to set dates so we would follow through with a Bible teaching event. I am passionate about teaching in general, but I love that I can invite my students to my house and share Jesus with them.

In the fall, we hosted a BKC and only three families came. Two of them already attended a church. The third family did not go to church. 

The mom from the unchurched familiy thanked me many times for having everyone over. She stated that she was going to attend church with me sometime on a Sunday. At the time, I was discouraged about just reaching one unchurched family. But when my friend came to church with me, I was no longer disappointed. It was worth it!

We wanted to have everyone over again before the summer BKC. Since it was Spring Break and everyone likes to hunt eggs, we decided to plan an egg hunt.

This time around, we had a great turn out! On Wednesday night, I had asked two ladies at church to pray that it would not rain so we could have the egg hunt and share the Easter story with the families. It was cold, but it didn't rain! Everyone had a great time.

I told the Easter story using the Resurrection Eggs and the kids loved opening their eggs to tell the next part. My daughter, Hannah, led them in two songs that she learned while helping with Preschool Worship.

The students found all the eggs really quickly, and then they had a snack. Some families had to leave but a couple stayed to play and hang out a while longer. A couple of the moms sent me text later on sharing that their kids had a great time. They thanked me for inviting them. We can't wait to have everyone back as well as some new friends as we dive into "Submerged" Backyard Kids Club in July.


Written By: Heather Hood