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What is ClearView's Disaster Relief Response?

Church family, 

You have responded by faithfully praying for and giving generously to help hurricane victims. Thank you! So what is ClearView's long-term plan? I am so thankful for the work of Rachel Powell and the Missions Committee providing a plan with five different ways you can get involved. 

  1. PRAY. In the coming days, the news will cease to release information on the recovery from Harvey and Irma. Continue to pray for all those that have been affected by these major events. Write it in your calendar to pray on a weekly basis. It will take several months of recovery work.  
  2. GIVE.  ClearView has committed to giving $15,000 to the relief efforts through the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board. This recovery will take much more, so please consider giving through either the Tennessee Disaster Relief or NAMB’s SEND Relief. All funds designated correctly will go directly to the relief efforts in the days, weeks, and months ahead of us. 
  3. GET TRAINED.  Starting Wednesday, October 4th, and 11th, ClearView will offer classes on campus at various times throughout the next year. These classes are offered through the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board, and you will receive a certification at the completion of each course. Each person will need to take an Introduction to Disaster Relief before any other certification classes. The classes offered each time will be chosen based on the current needs. Click here for more information, forms and class registration.
  4. GO. Throughout the next year, it is our prayer that we will send at least five teams to Texas and Florida to help in the ongoing recovery efforts. The first of those opportunities will be next month, October 10–14, to Houston. This team will serve a local church that flooded, as well as, about 250 homes in their community. Click here for more information and registration.
  5. DONATE SUPPLIES FOR TEAMS. We know that not everyone will be able to go and help in the relief efforts, but we also know that donated funds and supplies are just as important as going. Each team will need designated supplies to take with them. The Nashville Baptist Association has trailers available to use. However, these require a truck that can pull 10,000 pounds, so one of our big needs is someone to volunteer their truck and time to pull these trailers. Also, we have multiple lists of supplies our teams will take, and YOU can help in this way. Please contact Rachel Powell, if you are interested in this opportunity. 

In closing, parents, we have put together a one-page resource to help you answer tough questions your kids may be asking about natural disasters. Our prayer is that you will have an opportunity, if not already, to point your kids to God who is in control of all things. Some of the greatest God moments we have, especially with our children, is during a time of confusion, suffering, and heartache.

Because of God's greatness and grace, 
Pastor Mark 

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