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West Africa Update

Church family, 

Please continue to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in West Africa. As you know, we have adopted an unreached people group in West Africa. Over the last several weeks, we have been monitoring the Ebola outbreak as well as dangerous civil unrest in many of the countries in that particular region of Africa. 

Due to the continued spread of Ebola, civil unrest, government emergency measures being taken, and the threat of not being able to enter back into the US due to potential health risks, we have decided to postpone our December mission trip to West Africa and will continue to monitor all that is taking place as we prepare for our next trip in late January. 

This was a very difficult decision to make as our hearts are broken for those who live every day without knowing the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Please continue to pray… 

  • Pray for Ebola to be wiped out. 
  • Pray for civil unrest in West Africa to cease. 
  • Pray for our unreached people group. 
  • Pray for our missionaries in West Africa. 
  • Pray for our new believers to stand firm in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
  • Pray for the Gospel to spread despite the complications.
  • Pray that we can return quickly to continue to do a great work in West Africa.  

Mark Satterfield,

Executive Pastor