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Tutoring Update

A quick update from a couple of our current tutors, if you are interested in tutoring please click here, we can still use you!

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I have enjoyed tutoring my student, W, a second grader at Liberty Elementary. W first of all is one smart little fellow. He does well on all of his work and has even taught me a few things, ha ha. He is full of personality, and keeps me entertained the entire time I am with him. He has been a joy to work with! If I've had a crazy Monday work-wise, by the time I leave my tutoring session with W on Monday afternoons, all is well, again. He has already asked if I will be back next year, so I think that's a pretty good sign that he is enjoying the sessions as well.

I have really enjoyed this experience! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Patty Hinson

I think my tutoring times with Z and M have been productive and helpful, both to the students and the teachers.  Mrs. M was out last Thursday, but she had told Z and M that they could play a measuring board game with them.  When Z saw me, he ran right to the game and got it out, ready to play!  His mood varies week by week, but he is always glad to see me even when he’s a bit down.  M is a natural born salesman and entertainer (this relates directly to the training).  Both benefit from one-on-one lesson reinforcement that they receive as well as the chance to interact. 

Mecky and I are both working diligently to make sure our participation fits in with Mrs. M’s overall plans for the students and for the class.  We had the chance (mostly Mecky) to talk about Germany for about 15 minutes a couple of weeks ago, and that was a big hit with the class with a lot of questions being asked.

I would highly recommend getting other churches and more tutors involved if possible.

Peter Meschter

Tutoring is going well. The kids are delightful and a pleasure to be with. The little girl that I was assigned to tutor is so bright that it was determined that she did not need after school tutoring! Now isn't that a great thing :). 

They asked me to just keep coming as they would always have a child available for tutoring even though it would not be the same child every week. It has actually been fun to get to know many of the children and the one I tutored today said I was funny, so I consider it a good afternoon, ha!! 

Janice Minucci

I love the mission of this program! It's going well....I love how intentional and specific it is. I feel like it an extremely low time commitment for the results!

Beth Petty

I am enjoying my time tutoring at Liberty. The boy that I meet with is very sweet and receptive to working with me. I'm so glad to be involved in this ministry.

Pam Bolin