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The Kids Go To Centrikid Camp


What do you get when you mix high energy, music, games, Bible study, and a week with friends? A fantastic camp experience! ClearView Kids Ministry is currently at Lee University for CentriKid Camp. Each summer, our kids who have completed 3rd - 5th grade have the opportunity to go to overnight camp with us.  

This year, we have 49 kids and adults going deep in Ephesians 6 as we study the Armor of God. We have already explored the concept of wrapping ourselves with the Belt of Truth, which is God's Word. Today, we are discovering what it means to wear the Gospel of Peace on our feet everywhere we go!

Camp provides kids the chance to learn with their whole bodies. Every song, activity, game, and lesson intentionally ties into the concept for that day. So don't let the crazy game pictures fool you! These kids are learning God's truths and how to apply them in practical ways in their own lives.

We have reached our halfway point of the week. Please pray for us that we would keep our hearts and minds open to hear God speak to us. Pray that our group would continue to deepen in our relationship with God and each other, and that we would have good health and safety. We look forward to coming back and sharing with our ClearView family all that we've learned this week.



It’s time to celebrate! We had an amazing week at CentriKid Camp this summer. 

As we continued our study on the Amor of God, God answered our prayers and opened the hearts and minds of many of our campers. We had three children make first time decisions for Christ, asking Him to be their Lord and Savior. One chaperone was even able to pray with the camper while the camper’s mom was on speaker phone. It was a precious moment for everyone involved. We also had several children experience God in a very personal way, answering questions they had been struggling with for some time!

Our kids enjoyed being away for a week which gave them time to deepen their friendships. The adults enjoyed it as much as the kids! We were able to encourage each other to go deep in our quiet times with God, and then share what He revealed to us during our Bible Study times and group times. At the end of the week, we were challenged to come back and share what God had done in our lives with a family member, a friend, and someone else we meet this summer.

We are already looking forward to going back next year. Our dates will be the same: June 19 - 23, 2017.