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Thank You Letter from DCS

TN Department of Children's Services

January 29, 2016


ClearView Baptist Church

Dear Staff and Members:

We are truly grateful to ClearView staff and members for sponsoring over 120 children in foster care this year. One of the children who received gifts from ClearView stated: "This made me feel like a special person." For children who are separated from their families, Christmas can be a traumatic time. The encouragement received through those generous gifts were just what they needed to have a happy day.

Special thanks to Rachel Powell for coordinating the project for ClearView. I know it's a labor of love for her despite the many hours of work involved.

ClearView has such kind and generous members who truly care about their community. It is a blessing for us to partner with ClearView.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and concern for children in difficult circumstances. I look forward to continuing a relationship with ClearView.



Ann Brooks, Team Leader

DCS/Resource Linkage