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Smith Family Update

Church Family, 

I have bittersweet news to share with you. On Tuesday afternoon of this week, Michael Smith shared with me that he will be taking a position at a church in Huntsville, AL. Attached below you can read Michael’s letter to you that gives additional information about his new role. 

Michael has been a tremendous leader on our staff for almost 17 years. We will miss him greatly, but at the same time his leadership abilities for this new role is a great opportunity and I know he will do very well. 

As soon as I received Michael’s resignation, I started working with the Personnel Committee on a plan so you could know as soon as possible. On Sunday, January 25th, we will celebrate Michael’s last Sunday at ClearView. There will be a reception that Sunday, the 25th, for Michael, Melissa and his family from 3-5pm. 

Michael will start his new job February 1st. I understand this is happening very quickly and our desire is three-fold: 1) to let you know as soon as possible, 2) communicate next steps, and 3) assist Michael in his transition so he and his family can have a smooth move. 

I am personally thankful for Michael’s friendship and leadership at ClearView. He will be missed. Please begin praying for the Smith family transition. And keep praying for ClearView! 

Mark Satterfield