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Serve One Another: Invest in the Kingdom

Every day we are confronted with pitches for the investment of our time. Often those things are fleeting with no tangible return on our investment. So where is our greatest return on our time investment? It is simple. Investing your time in building the kingdom yields the greatest return. When you invest in others, you are putting your time and gifts to the greatest pursuit possible. The return is the glorious gift of seeing individuals grow in Christlikeness. This is what it means to Serve One Another. When you serve in places like preschool, children, and student ministry, you are ensuring that the next generation carries the love of Christ onward forever more. Your time is precious and so is the next generation. 

Here are some great opportunities to invest in the kingdom by serving one another: 


9:30  Children’s Worship 

1st grade – Group Leaders

3rd grade – Group Leaders

5th grade – Group Leaders

11:00 Bible Study Groups 

1st grade – Group Leaders

3rd grade – Group Leaders

4th grade – Group Leaders


8:15 Groups

Crawlers – Group Leader

Three’s – K – Group Leaders

9:30 Groups

Three’s – Group Leaders

11:00 Groups 

Crawlers – Group Leaders

One’s – Group Leaders

Pre K – Group Leaders


MS Guys – Group Leaders

HS Guys – Group Leaders



If God is calling you to invest in the kingdom serving in one of these amazing opportunities, click HERE.