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Room in the Inn Work Day

On Saturday, April 28, six ClearView members spent the morning volunteering at Room in the Inn under the leadership of ClearView member Steve Smith and RITI staff member Maggie Sananikone. They packed containers with household goods for graduates moving in to studio apartments (see photo 2). They also prepared other resources for use by staff members in Room in the Inn ministries. 

Photo 1: ClearView members who volunteered April 28 at Room in the Inn: Clif Buell, Don and Kathy Mattingly, Steve and Sandy Smith, and Linda Still.

Photo 2: The Smiths and Mattinglys packed household goods for Room in the Inn graduates moving into studio apartments at the downtown headquarters.

Photo 3: Steve and Room in the Inn graduate John, an active Christian and Room in the Inn worker.

Photo 4: Steve uses a machine to make buttons such as Love Your Neighbor, Y'all (see photo 5).

Photo 6: Clif Buell mans the paper cutter.