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Room in the Inn Story

In the words of overnight host, Dan Ferrell, "We done had church up in here!"

Every night is special at Room in the Inn, but this particular night was a very special one. It gave several of us who were regulars cold chills as we heard our friends, James Taylor (in the white t-shirt) and Larry (in the green jacket), give their testimonies and witness to the rest of us.


James is one of nine boys and two girls and was raised by his mother who is still alive at 90 years old. I was able to speak with her on the phone that night. James told us that every Sunday morning, his mother would take her children to church. He said, as he laughed: “If you was late for breakfast, you was out of luck, because she was not going to be late to church.”

He shared that his mom led him to Christ and that she still had a strong influence on him today. He still talks to her daily. James is currently reading a book called the "Three Kings", and he recalled a story about King David.

He also told us how the Lord led him to a hospital here in Nashville, because he thought he might have Pneumonia. While seeing that doctor, another doctor walked in and said he had been looking for James. Previous x-rays showed he had lung cancer and needed an operation.

James had never been in a hospital or had an operation, and he was scared. James shared that he had the operation and was in terrible pain. He prayed hard to God for relief. The next day, the pain wasn’t gone, but there was less of it. He gave God the glory. That was about two months ago, and he is pain free and cancer free!


Larry is one of 15 children, the second oldest. He fought in Vietnam and was a part of our Special Forces Unit. He lost two brothers in Vietnam and said the war there and the loss of his brothers bothered him greatly. He shared about his life and problems with drinking.

But Larry quickly gives God the glory for saving him! He quoted several verses of scripture that night. He wears an "I Am Second" bracelet and a cross around his neck daily.

The devotion portion usually lasts a few minutes. During this particular evening, the devotion portion went about the same, but the conversation keep going and going. The Holy Spirit filled our church, and it was awesome!

We have finished our five-month season with Room in the Inn. In our program, we take women, men, and families. In a season, we see people from infants to late 70's.

Father Strobel and the Room in the Inn mission is proof of God's love, grace, and mercy. Thanks is not enough to express my feelings about our staff and many volunteers for all your efforts this season. May God bless you all!


Written By: Tommy Campsey