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Refugee Controversy: Thinking With A Biblical Worldview

Several days ago many of us watched with terror and agony as reports of terrorism came from Paris. At least 120 people were killed in what appears to be a coordinated operation by the Islamic State (ISIS). The conversation quickly shifted towards refugees entering our country. And, as expected, many people have all kinds of differing opinions.

I have personally struggled over the last several days with anger, sadness, bitterness, and confusion on how to think and respond appropriately.

In the words of Trevin Wax who recently wrote an article in the Washington Post, 

"In the midst of a worldwide battle against evil, we must make sure that we do not allow fear to overwhelm our hearts, crowd out our compassion, or fundamentally change our character. For compassion to win, courage must conquer the fear in our hearts."

So what is the biblical response? If your heart is unsettled (like mine has been) and you’re struggling to grasp how to respond biblically, let me encourage you to read the following articles to help you think, pray, and speak with a biblical worldview. These articles have helped me learn, grow in my faith, and encouraged me to continue trusting in the sovereignty of God. 

God bless,

Mark Satterfield

Explainer: What You Should Know About the Syrian Refugee Controversy - by Travis Wussow and Joe Carter

Should We Really Close the Border to Refugees? Here’s why Fear Drives out Compassion - by Trevin Wax

Eight Words from Jesus in a World with Refugees - by D. Glenn (works with Syrian refugees in the Middle East) 

Don’t Forget These Heroes of Paris - by Dominique Angers and Nicolas VanWingerden (missionaries serving in France) 

The Refugee Process Explained by an Immigration Lawyer - by Marty Duren 

Should We Pray for ISIS to be Defeated or Converted? by Russell Moore (Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, President)