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Written By: Pam Bolin

We were privileged to host the Mentor Game Night on Sunday evening. It was a fun time! As the girls arrived, I noticed that the high school mentors were full of enthusiasm. The middle school girls seemed a little more apprehensive, like they weren’t sure what to expect. They began talking a little as they enjoyed some snacks.

Afterwards, Lauren brought the girls together to do some organized activities. These activities made the girls work together to problem solve to build a tower, find their mentors making animal noises (blindfolded), and flip a blanket. I could sense that the girls were relaxing and becoming more open to talk with each activity.

Later on, the girls had some free time to play games. They gathered in different parts of the house to do this. I could hear groups of girls chattering and giggling all through the house. Finally, the girls spent a few minutes with their mentors talking about what was going on in their personal lives and how their mentor could pray for them. What a special time this was, seeing the older girls intentionally connecting with the younger girls and truly caring for them.


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