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Prom Boutique 2016

What is it about a beautiful dress that makes a girl feel like a princess?

Envision walking into a room that has been transformed and decorated into a formal dress boutique. This was the scene in the basement at ClearView on Monday afternoon. Racks were filled with colorful, silky, lacey and glittery dresses. All types of beautiful high heels fit for Cinderella adorned the tables. Sparkling jewelry and accessories, a red carpet runway and even tasty cupcakes (a girl needs her sweets) were specially organized to create a calming, relaxing and welcoming environment.

ClearView had the opportunity to partner with World Relief Nashville to serve refugee girls who live in Middle Tennessee. They provided dresses for those who wanted to go to prom but couldn't afford a dress. Clearview families donated over 70 dresses and all the boutique items so the girls could “shop” (at no cost to them) for the “perfect” dress and accessories for their special prom night. 

It was truly a treat to help them get ready for prom by encouraging them, giggling together (just try walking in 6 inch heels), taking pictures as they modeled their dresses and selecting just the right necklace to go with their dress. As a mom of three girls, what I observed is that girls are girls, and their desire and dream to dress up in a beautiful dress transcends nationalities, education and socio-economic levels. No matter the background, “we can all praise the Lord, for we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.”

“ClearView exists to make radical disciples who are focused on making God known to the ends of the earth.” Many princesses who have faced hardships that most of us will never come close to understanding were tangibly shown God’s love at the Prom Boutique as they left with their beautiful dresses for their very special night. To God be the glory.