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Our World Is Broken

More than likely, you’ve had a friend ask you one of these questions:

  • What’s wrong with this world?
  • Why do people do bad things?
  • Why does it seem like there’s so little justice in the world?

Your friend is asking a belief question because he is wrestling with what to believe about life. As Christians, we know the world is broken because our perspective and worldview takes us back to the fall in Genesis 3. 

The fall is one of the most significant divisions in history, and all of us stand on the wrong side of that division. It has a universal effect. You and I are corrupted in our nature… We come out of the womb sinners (Psalm 51:5). We aren’t sinners because we sin. We sin because we are by nature, sinners. The fall is progressive. It’s not static. Things don’t go from good to bad. Rather, things continue to get worse.

I share this with you because the last several days have been very intense with terror attacks, government concerns, and racial tensions facing dilapidation. This shouldn’t surprise us because we know the world is broken. The world and our lives are a battlefield, not a playground. 

But God is in control. Jesus says that the day of judgment has already been set in the mind of God (Revelation 18). The fall does not end in a gradual reform as things slowly get better. No, the fall comes to a final judgment. In the midst of a broken world, we can confidently trust the God whose judgment we stand under. 

When we understand the story of the fall, we understand why the message of Christianity is good news! In the gospel, God has accomplished a cure for the fall, a rescue plan that saves us from hell. That cure is Jesus. 

Jesus is the answer to how we trust God in the face of so much evil and suffering in this world. Jesus suffered for us to conquer evil and sin. Jesus bore the curse for us, that we might know his blessing. 

How we can trust God in a broken world? Because He is none other than “the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world” for sinners like you and me.

Join me in praying for our broken world: pray for our country, pray for our government, pray for racial reconciliation, pray for persecuted Christians around the world, and pray for the gospel to shine brightly through you.

Pastor Mark