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Oneida Mission Trip Update

During the week of September 1 - 5, 2014 nineteen members of ClearView served on the mission team to Oneida, Kentucky. This was the 3rd year for the team to minister with the students and staff of the Oneida Baptist Institute.

The team was divided into five work groups that served in the following areas:

a.  Sewing and organizing crafts for the gift shop

b.  Cutting coupons for school supplies

c.  Sorting clothes and books for Friendship House

d.  Painting stairwell, halls and restrooms/showers in indoor pool building

e.  Organizing t-shirts and office supplies in the storeroom

Another ministry of this team was to lead the Thursday morning chapel for the more than 300 students. We used the Pharrell Williams' song, "Happy", to begin the chapel service. This video had been adapted by a group of deaf students from a School for the Deaf in New England. They danced beautifully and had such happy faces. We made the application that everyone has something to overcome in life and that accepting Christ as your Savior is the best way to find full meaning in life.