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New Orleans' February 2017 Mission

Tuesday, February 28 (Day Four)

Have you ever been blown away by misconceptions about people,places,or things? Well, I have recently. My small group went on a mission trip to New Orleans this weekend. I thought Mardi Gras was a celebration of a pagan holiday. It is actually based on the 47 days of lent before Easter. The colors of purple,green,and gold and the king cake with the baby represent our Lord. Families and people of all ages attend. I felt totally relaxed and safe ! Hope Church led by Pastor Matt Tipton prepared us to minister to the people at this event. The next time the Lord lead you to go rely on his guidance and you will have the time of your life. Happy Mardi Gras!

Written By: Priscilla Smith

Monday, February 27 (Day Three)

This morning our team spent some time exploring the French Quarter and soaking up the food, music and culture the city has to offer.

We then went shopping and stocked up on supplies needed at Hope Church. Because of generous donations from our ClearView church family, we were able to provide them with everything they needed!

Tonight we wanted to give the adults in the church a chance to have a time of fun and fellowship with each other so some of our group stayed at the church and kept the kids. We had 11 kids total and had so much fun painting, playing and watching a movie with them.

The other part of our team spent the evening doing some outreach for Hope Church. We visited people who have attended Hope Church but haven't recently been active. It was a sweet time of conversation and prayer and new connections were made in the process. 

Today has been a productive day and we really enjoyed being able to love on the people of Hope Church.

Written By: Jada Mike

Sunday, February 26 (Day Two)

On Sunday we had the opportunity to meet up with Matt at Hope Church and attend their Sunday morning service. We were blown away by their intentional love for one another especially with regards to the specific needs in their own congregation. Matt focused on the story of Noah where through God's word Matt demonstrated the sinfulness of man, to God's eventual discipline, to God's ability to provide deliverance and God's faithfulness to His promises.

After a delicious lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and a break, we met up with Matt at Hope Church. There we received the koozies and Matt briefed us on what we were going to do at the parade that evening. When we arrived at the parade we split off into groups of two and handed out koozies. This was a phenomenal opportunity to engage and love on the local community around Hope church. The Lord provided us with opportunities to talk to people not only about their own lives but also to connect them with Hope Church. It truly has been a wonderful day to worship with our fellow believers at Hope Church while getting to show the love of Jesus to people in New Orleans. Definitely looking forward to serving tomorrow!

Written By: Brandon Taylor

Saturday February 25 (Day One)

Our group hit the road at 6:00AM and it was smooth sailing. It was a beautiful, clear morning and we got to see the sun rise from the road. We stopped in Hattiesburg, MS to fill our tanks (both human and automobile) then set off to NOLA. The drive across Lake Pontchartrain was gorgeous! We headed straight for the parade route, as we arrived in New Orleans. Parking was tricky but everyone made it to the Hope Church designated spot unscathed.

We had the pleasure of spending time with some sweet church members and watching the crowds grow as the parade got closer. By the time the parade started, the crowd in our area had doubled. The children were so much fun to watch. One adorable little boy seemed to especially love watching the marching bands pass. As he practiced his marching on the sidelines, we all agreed that he has a future in the field.  We made it through about 20 floats, and what we can only guess is about 500 pounds of beads before we decided to call it a night. We stopped at Cain's Chicken for a quick dinner and then back to the hotel for some much needed rest. We are all so excited to worship at Hope Church tomorrow morning and so grateful for a wonderful first day.

Written By: Kati Hereford