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No Sunday Activities, February 22

Church family, 

One of the hardest decisions church leaders have to make is whether or not to cancel church services on Sunday morning due to bad weather. The gathering of God's people coming together in worship is a beautiful and sacred thing.

Unfortunately, the weather has given our campus a beating this week. Our parking lots are still for the most part iced over. We have been working diligently to make them better, but at this point we only have around 40-50 decent parking spots available and the side walks are still very questionable. Also, due to the rain, we are experiencing several water issues in our rooms in buildings A and C.  Tonight's temperature will dip under freezing again and will create more issues on our campus in the morning. Some churches in the area are having to cancel as well. 

It is a tough decision. I did not make it alone. Several staff have been on campus today working, evaluating, praying, and making the decision together. In the end, we want all of our families to be safe on campus.  

Be safe. Keep praying! 
Mark Satterfield