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New York City Mission Team Updates (June 2015)

Our New York mission team is on mission this week (July 13-17). Here are their daily updates.

Day 5

We started out Wednesday praying for no rain so we could take the kids outside for water day but to no avail. So we used some spare minutes to plan some fun indoor games for rec.  We started out by the groups rotating through craft, cooking and science. We focused on the part of Noah's story where he promised to never flood the earth again and gave us rainbows to remind us of that promise. In cooking the children decorated the cupcakes with rainbow frosting.  They made a rainbow dream catcher in crafts and made a rainbow in a bottle in science. We walk the children to a local school for lunch and since it was raining, some of our leaders ran to a store and bought them all ponchos. Thanks to them all the children stayed dry. Instead of going outside to play we played some minute to win it games which were a huge hit with the children. We ended the day by breaking into small groups to recap all that we had learned this week. We all really enjoyed our small group time getting to know the children a little better and answering any questions they might have had.  They had really good questions and seemed to have learned a lot. It was an awesome day at Graffiti 1. 

Day 4

Today was Day 1 of the Graffiti 2 Baseball Camp.  The Clearview mission team was blessed in serving 55 first through eighth graders from the Mott Haven community in The Bronx.  The theme for the series of camps this summer is "The Happy Life:  Living the Way God Wants" based on Matthew  5:12.  Camp consisted of baseball drills as well as large group and small group Bible study.  Our studies this week are focused specifically on Matthew 5:4, "Those who mourn are happy for they will be comforted."  The team was especially encouraged by the return of many campers from last year as well as the excitement of the kids for not only learning baseball but also about God.  Please pray for our campers that they would be receptive to God's Word and would leave this week knowing how much God loves them.

Day 3

What an amazing first day for members of the NYC ClearView mission team serving 30 children in the Graffiti 1 Summer Program in the East Village. After our welcome song and presentation of the summer theme, Jesus is Our Anchor, the kids rotated through cooking, craft, and science experiment stations. Each station activity related to today's Bible story from Genesis 6-9, the story of Noah's obedience to God. Following session time, the team took the children to the local school where every child is provided a hot lunch each day during the summer. After lunch and some recreation time at the park, we went back to Graffiti for a time of praise, worship, and devotion. Please pray that God will continue to provide opportunities for the Gospel to be shared and the love of Jesus to be shown to these children and their families throughout the week.

Day 2

The Graffiti 1 team had their orientation session and reviewed the plans for their day camp that starts on Monday. The picture about show some of the crafts that the boys and girls will be doing as well as learning the lessons related to Noah and the flood.

The entire team will worship together at Graffiti 2 on Sunday morning in the Bronx.

More news will be shared on the Monday report. Pray for the weather to stay pretty and no rain because it will be hard to do a baseball camp for 100 boys and girls inside!

Day 1

The NYC mission team left on Friday afternoon and arrived in NYC around noon on Saturday. After checking into the hotel and unloading the bus with all the equipment for the week we met to get everyone aquatinted with the area and then they went " in all directions". 
Some went to the Central Park Luis Plaua  NYCfest that drew over 50,000 people for the all day festival; others did some exploring on their own and all made in back to the hotel without any mishaps.