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My Summer to Serve My Church

AJ Jones is active in the Kids Ministry and spent his summer serving in that area.  Read the story of his summer below.  AJ is also apart of the Student Ministry here at ClearView.

This summer I had the opportunity to Serve My Church as part of the Kids Ministry by going to CentriKid and BKCs.  

Being a CentriKid chaperone was one of the most fulfilling parts of my summer. Chaperoning four 5th grade boys has its challenges but is also rewarding.  The quality time spent bonding with the boys allowed me to share personal experiences with them that I wish I had learned at their age.  

Part of being a chaperone entails reviewing the Bible study.  This allows the chaperones to also be part of their Biblical learning experience.  As a chaperone, I tried to make the kids experience at camp as influential, fun, and safe as possible.  At camp, the students have track times which are fun events from recreational activities to cooking and drama that connect activities to the Bible. During this time, some chaperones helped with events while others took pictures for the kids and their families.  

One event for all participants of CentriKid, being staff, chaperone, or student, is OMC or Organized Mass Chaos.  This is a favorite event for the kids and is fun for the staff and chaperones.  The adults take part in helping the kids with tasks ranging from circling the field making animal noises to being covered in shaving cream.  CentriKid was a life changing experience for people of all roles and ages.

BKC or Backyard Kids Club takes Vacation Bible School to the kids in their neighborhood.  Many helpers are needed for tasks ranging from teaching the Bible lesson, teaching music, preparing snack, helping with crafts, and recreation.  All parts of BKC relate to the Bible and the theme for BKC.  

For 2014 the theme was Agency D3 standing for Discover, Decide, Defend.  This means discover the truth, decide what you believe in, and defend the Christian faith.  

All parts of BKC are teaching that Jesus is real and he is alive.  BKC is fun for the kids and allows the workers to connect with kids.  The kids connect with other Christian families that live around them.  BKC is a fun and safe event that teaches Bible lessons for life.

If you’re looking for a place to “Serve My Church”, come join me in the Kids Ministry.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!